Mandevilla at Night (Square photo challenge 9-10-18)

Hello Readers.

After being inspired by Bushboy’s September square images (and many other photographers who join in with this challenge) I had to contribute to Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: In the Pink

Today I am featuring Mandevilla at night:

My climbing Mandevilla vine stopped flowering for an entire month. After a little epsom salt and bone-meal plant spike, it started flowering again. I chose this photo for the square challenge because I like the bright foliage against the night backdrop – but there is also lots of pink and the full bloom and two buds made me smile after a boring “bloomless month” 🙂 And of course analogy came. Aren’t people like this – we sometimes have dormant days (or months) and then we find just the right thing to fuel another round of blooming.


If you want to join in:

The theme for squares this month is ‘In the Pink‘ and the one rule as always is that your main photograph must be square. 

Squares is a daily challenge – keep your photo square – and pingback with #In the Pink








36 thoughts on “Mandevilla at Night (Square photo challenge 9-10-18)

    1. Thanks Becky- appreciate the warm reception and I feel like I know you a little from seeing your comments at a few different blogs – and I hear ya on the dormant period – let’s embrace them when they come and Remember how important they are for better blooms maybe…

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  1. (EN) Love the same flower and plant but I call it “dipladenia”.It needs the proper soil and climate, maybe that’s the “dormant days” issue as well.Happy gardening Y😉
    (IT) Amo lo stesso fiore e pianta ma lo chiamo”dipladenia”.Ha bisogno del suolo e clima adatti, forse è anche quello il problema dei “giorni di riposo”. Buon giardinaggio Y 😉

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  2. I think there are times when we need to take some break to evaluate, to refresh and come back. I guess that is true for many thing in life isn’t it.

    Very nice square crop and the framing of flowers in the lower part of the picture. Yes, love that bright color too.

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    1. Thanks so much YC – and I have noticed that if people avoid taking a pause or a dormant season they end up having consequences or get a forced dormant season from not being mindful – something like that….

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  3. It is a pretty sight after being quiet for a while. Good analogy that can be applied to life in general. Sometimes you feel like nothing’s exciting or you’re going through a rut, and then all of a sudden something happens and you might get that brain wave or your life changes for the better 🙂


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