RVA Street Photography – Showing Attitude

This post was started in August for Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge for Attitude (here).  Nancy’s challenge this week is “fruits of your labor” and so I have a separate post for that theme – but for now – I want to share my take on attitude.  Here is the single photo I was going to use if I joined in last August:  
1a)  My hubs. I like the way the bench wave is in sync with the body wave – then the big square in the center. And of course… the attitude depicted.
1b) The uncropped version – do you like this one better? I think I do – maybe because the square is more complete to the right?

Part II Considering that I am having a little catch up time this week, here are a few street shots (from Summer 2018) that had attitude vibe:  

2) Cool dude – chatted for a few – he was from “the Goochland” and our small group met his small group after the Tom Petty Cover Band played in RVA.
3) Two Young Adults (they worked together and became friends). They were very cool. They let me interview them too. One day, I will do something with my accumulating interviews. Some readers know that I am working on a small interview project (slowly reaching my goal) and in the meantime I am enjoying a few photos that I get to use.
4) These two young men were taking selfies and I photo-bombed a shot – well I paused and walked slow/posed and they liked the idea and so it was “on” – Then I took this photo… (good times)
5) I really wanted a photo of the dancers when they were in the lobby.  When one of them (left) asked me to take their photo with her phone, I was able to get this shot first.
6) Band members from The Mashup
7a) This photo was taken in Carytown (I think July). See the next photo to see a different take on the shot.
7 b)Totally different mood – eh? The arms in sync to the right, man with food sign, misc. details – and the attitude – hm

Do you have a favorite from this post?

Any thoughts? 

My favs are 3 and 5 (tie) but I like them all for different attitudes….

__   Some “attitude” posts that inspired this one: Photo a Week: Attitude FROM FINCHLEY Photo a Week: Attitude One Woman Quest . . . . .

41 thoughts on “RVA Street Photography – Showing Attitude

    1. THANKS! I can see that in each one – and three is one that seems to stand out more and more as I look back to see which ones people like when they pick a number. I am going to give the two of them a copy of this

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    1. Derrick – thanks for noting 7 b – I went back in and added that because I thought it was kind of important. There is a social thing going on and well – thanks for noting that!
      and the first two really are barely different – but the second one has less crop to the right (so the bench and square are more in) and has less black border???

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    1. thanks Dawn, and this was actually forced because I needed to edit the background out in a couple – for location privacy reasons – hard to explain – but I appreciate your comment because it shows you how a creative outcome sometimes happens when we have to meet a need. I first tried a solid black backdrop and then this gradiant gray worked better (and laughing because it reminded me of an Olan Mills tarp that would roll down – remember them?)

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    1. Hi VJ – first, I did enjoy your attitudes post (so thx for that) and I am doing a “100 interviews” project and started off with three yoga teachers. I think I am close to fifty mini interviews – but it depends on how in-depth I want to go with each one. The yoga teacher interviews were for posts and were lengthy – some of my other interviews are short and on the spot footage with less details. I think I will be done in a year – but it is a process project – something like that – thanks for asking

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  1. Each is very interesting. Your hubs made me think he’s waiting on some shoppers! 😉
    I like the fun portrayed in 4. Both 7a and 7b are interesting. A was a runway style and I like what you did with the background. B was just all-around interesting with so much to see!


    1. Linda – this went to “trash” and not spam? ????
      anyhow, thx for the nice comment.
      and it does kind of look like he is waiting – but we were actually killing time (we had to wait like ten minutes) and we were sitting there and then i was taking a picture of that square concrete block –
      and I read your comment about pictures & a and 7 b – you are right – and the more I peek at those shots i see more in them – if that makes sense – so thx

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  2. My favorites are 5, 6 and 7b. I like framing and the matching background picture and the frame. The red dresses look perfect with the dark background. 6 is similar with very good framing portion. The 3 gay spread out nicely and that ease on your eyes. Th 7b, a very nice square crop. The lady is pretty and her grace movement is nicely captured.

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    1. thanks YC – I carefully read your comment – because when you are the person making the images, comments like that are enjoyable.
      the musicians in 6 were not manipulated by me – it was just a picture that I merely removed the background from – and so maybe that is why it feels in balance. I almost photoshopped the guy on the right into a different image (because the two guys left are in most of my pics – from where i was and the guy far left is Jason Newcomb, my husband’s friend from 2003.
      and thx for noting the difference with 7 b
      and cheers to 5.


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  3. I’m VERY interested in your interview accumulation 🙂
    I like the one with your husband in the first shot, because I like the pattern of the brick, and think the black and white enhances that.


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