Friday Food with Square Challenge (Steak & Unicorn Bark)


Happy Friday Readers,

Joining in with Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: In the Pink

Yes, grass fed. Yes, decent price. And yes, tasted good. Side note – we cooked four of these at once in this extra large cast-iron skillet, but we think this kind of meat turn out better when made individually in a small cast-iron skillet. For my vegan friends, maybe the next picture will appeal to you more…. the unicorn bark.

If you want to join in with the SQUARES photo challenge, go here – and the this month is ‘In the Pink‘ theme.

Also San Fermo has shared some sliced meats that look tasty (here).

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It seems that unicorns are everywhere these days. So I have to share more unicorn items. My friend, M, likes them and so I think of her sometimes when I see various items. Also, my son’s gf likes unicorns and I just gifted her a soft unicorn onesie (no picture tho).


“Let’s fly free”






13 thoughts on “Friday Food with Square Challenge (Steak & Unicorn Bark)

  1. I follered you here from Joey’s, and I’m so glad I did! All these years, and I never knew unicorns bark. I always thought they, like, neighed or sang or chimed or something. So when I think I’m hearing a dog barking in the woods, IT MIGHT BE A UNICORN! Thank you! You have brought wonder back into the world!

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  2. Unicorn bark! Wow! I need to find some of that for Sassy. She, too, loves all things unicorn. And in trade, I share with you ”Unicorns are Jerks” an awesome irreverent hysterical coloring book you must get son’s gf.

    I totally agree with you about the individually cooked steak in cast iron. That IS the way.

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  3. I am not a steak eater myself, but that Unicorn bark looks magical!
    And your unicorn series is sooooo funny! My favourite is the one you took out of the rainy car window!


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