Koozie (Square Photo Challenge)

This post is to join in with Life of B’s squares #In The Pink 

I am getting ready to take a short blog pause (more on the reason when I come back in October) – but I have two more Monday posts to share after this one – and so please do not say goodbye yet….

Earlier today, I was visiting Liz at Exploring Color, and we were chatting about the square photo challenge. She then posted this fun “Blue Conifer leads Pink Magnolia in a Waltz” (here):

credit-Liz at exploring Color – It does look like they are dancing…

Then I decided to share this Koozie for my “in the pink” post:



Quick Story:

Years ago, my spouse went on a week-long hike with a group of guys. Someone asked him if he wanted a “Koozie” and he said, “Oh no thanks,” and added that he did not “do that kind of stuff.” Well I guess this small group of hikers were on vacation and were exploring with stuff (none of my business). But then they all laughed because a “Koozie” is just a beverage cooler – usually made of styrofoam and often use for little marketing promos (businesses, sports teams, etc.). Anyhow, we had some fun with teasing him about it and one year for his birthday I had a bunch of folks sign a Koozie for him – another year we gave him a  multi-colored set. We do not really use them here, but getting back to today’s picture- this Ron Jon’s Koozie gets it right – they put “surf cooler” right on the sewn-on label.








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  1. That’s a nice accessory. I have to admit I was clueless what a koozie might be till I saw the photo. 🙂 🙂 Love Liz’s photo. I’ll go and tell her so. Thanks for sharing, and have a great break, when it comes around, Yvette.

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