“Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull me Back In” (Micro Fiction)

Time to join in with Friday Fictioneers.

Here is the photo:

Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, VA – January 2018 My old post on the Jefferson is HERE

Here is the fiction:

Genre: Realistic fiction

Word Count: 100 

Title: Pull Me Back In


I quietly stood there – with an inner sense of fueled fervor. More than an adrenaline rush – it was grounded focus – knowing I was doing what I needed to do. Sometimes we don’t really have choices – not in the way we think. Our lot in life dictates options. Then, life callings mix with principles and sometimes “righteous pissed-offness.”


“Frank, is that you?” whispered a voice near the coffee urns.


“Yes, it’s me.”


“You’re back?”


“Just when I thought I was out, they….. p u l l  me back in.”


“Ha, I love that Godfather line. Are you ready?”


“Yes. Le’t do this.”



Author Notes:

I jumped online to share a little Wordless Wednesday Post –  I was going to take a break from writing fiction this week – but then! – I saw Rochelle’s featured picture – the coffee set up at an old hotel – and I felt pulled back in.  This is the third time it has happened this year (where taking a break was interrupted) and I believe it is a very good thing.

Sometimes we need to take healthy pauses (or fasts) with intention, mindfulness, and commitment – because it helps keep us fresh (or can); however, other times, I believe we need to stay flexible as we guide our days. Too much rigidness could rob of us opportunities for joy.  And sure, lack of mindfulness could maybe rob of us needed reflection and sometimes when we fast from something – it revives and allows us to soak up what we need to soak up and enjoy more. 

 I have noticed that there are times for strict adherence to a pause or fast, and then other times when we need to stay open and modify. 

When I saw Rochelle used my photo of the “coffee urns” – taken at the Jefferson Hotel in Jan 2018 – the famous Godfather line came to mind: “Just when I thought I was out they pull me back in.” 

Breaking Bad changes it a little: “Just when I try to get out, they pulled me back in.”

I mused a little with writing about the red in the wreath (far left) and the red in the fire alarm (far right) and maybe how someone was feeling grounded as they waited for the coffee station to open up.  Hm – well now I am off to read some of the entries for this week – Here are some video clips of this famous line – starting with the original:



And this clip is actually what inspired the fiction today, when Hank said the Godfather line to Walt (in one of the best Breaking Bad episodes ever – called 4 Days Out – here):

My stepdaughter loves Friends, and so this one is for her:

And this one is for mon amie Sherri:



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50 thoughts on ““Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull me Back In” (Micro Fiction)

    1. hahahah – yes, they are up to shenanigans, but Frank is also taking care of some personal business – someone pissed him and off and “passive no mas”

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    1. Hi- thanks for saying that you get it – and I think it says something “alive” about you to even care to have your photos featured – you know – some folks get too big for stuff like that – but you do not.

      and the two photos of yours that i have joined in with – the
      yarn hats (12-22-17) and the cliff, path and sign with hand up (3-23-18)
      good stuff….

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    1. What? Oh my goodness… are there no men in your life? Coz that would be the only valid explanation 😉 I tease of course… Can’t count the number of time my husband watched and “pulled me into watching it”

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      1. Haha, actually there’s only two… well, two that I’m actually close to… and we’ve never watched it. Haha. It doesn’t seem to catch my attention. I do love how are you showed it’s integration into different eras and different media platforms!

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    2. Well I am not sure if this is good or bad – but I saw the Godfather as a child.
      Then a couple of years ago I watched all three and heard the third was terrible, but i did not mind it.
      and Dale- loved how you said “my husband watched and “pulled me into watching it”
      – because it was my spouse who had me check out Breaking Bad – and so glad he did. Also, the writers of Breaking Bad have a few connections to the Godfather – and after this post – my spouse said that there was likely a reason that Breaking Bad did not use the exact quote – (they use ‘try to get out’ – and others use ‘thought I was out’)

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  1. That was a hoot… and it’s kinda hard (nay, impossible) to stay away when it’s our photo…
    Glad you were pulled in and added all those fabulous “Godfather classic phrase” clips

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    1. well thanks for commenting on the clips – I did not want to overdo it – because there are so many – like even I guess a Seinfeld take on that line… but these are ones that mean something to me (or I liked)
      ((and I agree- I would not want to NOT join in on a picture I submitted – no way))

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  2. You generate a sense of things going on behind the scenes that will eventually erupt in violence. I think Frank’s kidding himself though when he imagines he’s grounded…

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    1. Hi Penny – your comment showed me another side to this story.
      well… maybe.
      Because maybe they are not up to violence.

      Just for fun I mused over some possible scenarios:

      Frank is a lobbyist joining another lobbyist – they are about to do some lobbying work…

      He is a volunteer helping public leaders – and they are off to motivate a crowd of townspeople – they are about to go and rally the crowd?

      He is back at a sales job – left because he did not like the pressure – but came back to finish what he started and was pissed off that he left or caved in – and now it is time to make some money –

      He was working with a team of researchers – left the team – but came back and they are now making a grant proposal at a room in the hotel. They will drink coffee until the wee hours of the morning until it is done.

      Or – he is a participant in a study –they are conducting research where people have to try coffee four times a day – and after withdrawing (maybe in a panic) – Frank has came back, updated his informed consent, and joins another participant to continue the coffee tasting…

      Or maybe this guy is a violinist and he walked away because he feels he should get paid more – but while pouting off stage – he came back (the music pulled him back in) and now he wants to show everyone that he is a man of valor – and demos that musicians are more than their pay and his instrument carries them because that is what violins do – and so now… he will play.

      Or he is an evangelist and they both are going to share the good news of the gospel – Frank had a boot-in-the head experience and feels as if people were learning religion, which is man made, and he wants to help dispel some of the legalism that seems propagated every time he turns left and right – when he says, “Let’s do this” – he is doing outreach with others’ minded focus

      He is an author and just met another author because after going through production hell, they are pitching the pilot for their new show (one more time… he came back to not give up – )

      They are hotel employees and Frank said he was no longer doing the labor work, walked out – mid shift – but came back because someone called him a wimp – and he realized he was being one. But wimp no mas. Now they are relocating the entire coffee station – including the cabinet – to a lower level. Hard work is not beneath him and his keto-body is tough. He has got this…

      Or, Frank is a hotel worker and quit the holiday setting up team. He walked away because he thought all the lights and decor were too much. But then – he realized decor can have charm, and he needed a paycheck – so he returned and say’s “let’s do this” as they grab some more boxes of holiday greens.

      so maybe no violence is here at all….


  3. Love this line: Then, life callings mix with principles and sometimes “righteous pissed-offness.”

    Excellent. I’ve read and watched The Godfather (and watched II) but I am by no means up to speed on the various Godfather quotes, but I always find them intriguing.

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    1. Hi Sascha – i actually reworked that line at least four times.
      So I appreciate the feedback. I almost asked some readers for help ha – but then I settled with the righteous pissed-offness – I wanted to show how passion can fuel ….

      I only know a few of the GF quotes myself (But maybe we know more and we do now know they are GF)

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    1. And as noted – Keith – you MISSION might be a connection – I meant to add it to the list – so here it is:


      Keith’s FF:
      He watches as the waiter tidies the mugs then returns to the kitchen. His phone vibrates. A message. Rear RHS 410 6750. He walks to the table, picks up a mug from the back of the right-hand stack and scoops up a key. He pours some coffee, returns to his seat, and makes polite conversation with a person at the next table. He drinks the coffee then leaves the dining room.

      Enters lift, punches button four. Along the corridor to room 410. Enters room, locates the safe, keys in 6750, opens the door and removes an envelope. Exits the room, leaves the hotel.

      Mission accomplished.

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    1. thakns for taking the time to leave a comment – and thank goodness for “boundaries” to hopefully use for times it is not ideal to be pulled back in – eh?

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  4. Nice sense of “get up and go” in this piece, with two somewhat reluctant members of a team. Whatever theyre about to do, theyll give it their all. Sometimes you need that coach in the lockerroom peptalk to face what has to be done.


    1. I like how you said they will give it their all – and the guy coming back surely will – maybe he has some extra determination for the long-haul

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