Carytown Burger & Fries in Fan (Lens-Artists Challenge #12 – PATH)

I still have time to share a post to join in with the Lens-artist challenge and the theme is Path

My featured image is this brick path leading up to Carytown Burger & Fries (Richmond, VA).

The reds and greens caught my eye on this rainy day in early September. And of course the variety of bricks.


Same path as above, but looking out. It looks quite different – doesn’t it?


Lens-artist weekly photo-challenge prompt hosts are:

Week 1–Patti of


Part 2

We almost did not eat here.

Seriously, we were like, “Should we?” “Nah.” Then, “Well, maybe…” – then, “Nah…” and we finally meandered in real quick. 

We are so glad because they are tearing down the building sometime this fall (I think October) and moving out of there this week. So…. we had one more chance to eat at the old place. 

My pictures feel a little more special.

However, I am not sad they are tearing these places down – it is likely needed.

There is a time to preserve but then there is a time to tear down and start over. 

Also, wanted to link to Dennyho (here) because she is from Central VA and she knows this Carytown area very well. 

Here is the path out front: 

To the upper right is where a new Publix Grocery Store will be. I think they are tearing all these structures down (the one to the upper right was an old Ukrops grocery store – then it was a Martins grocers for a while – and now Publix will be there. I think they will thrive there. 
This awesome young lady let me take a few pics –  I actually asked her for a “no smile” shot (man, I am getting bold – lol).  I will be dropping her off a print of this photo as a way to say thanks. (Helen, remember when you did this? – gave prints to some folks…)
I used to really love their burgers. However, the last two times we dined there – we gave them a B (not an A). But I do have a few special memories here – especially with Karin and Dave – October 2015


The path to the patio was blocked with a plastic barrier – but the droplets added a nice mood with the mural colors.










25 thoughts on “Carytown Burger & Fries in Fan (Lens-Artists Challenge #12 – PATH)

    1. Hi Amy – that is what I was hoping for. This place is sort of special to me (and I did not even realize it until we finally decided to run in and grab a burger – I had my first Devils’ Backbone Vienna Lager there many years ago – they have fresh beer too because they keep their keg lines super clean (that matters we found out later when we ate Mom’s Siam one year – down the road – and the Vienna Lager was so flat and well….) and not that i am a huge beer drinker – can count the ones I have had in 2018 (and now I like their 8 point IPA) – – but my nephew that passed away in Feb 2017 – well we have a connection with DB’s Vienna Lager – (long story) so he is sorta with me at that place –

      and well – thanks for the comment on the last photo too – and one more little story – my hubs has a few pics of us that he treasures and one of those images is from that inside patio- I will maybe come and share a copy of it….

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  1. The first 2 photos reminded me of when I was a newbie hiker and would balk at the idea of an out-and-back hike. The thought of hiking the same trail in both directions did not appeal to me – until I discovered that a path can look very different depending on the direction you are going. We often discover things on the return trip we hadn’t noticed going out. Your first 2 photos illustrate that perfectly! Even better is that you’ve now captured something that will soon be nothing more than a memory.

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    1. Oh I enjoyed your comment and Joanne, I have a feeling that some books will be coming from you very soon – because of the way you write, think, and then inspire – and the comment you left is an example of all three –


      1. Thank you for the kind words, Your comment comes at an interesting time as I struggle somewhat with the ‘so-what’ of what I’m doing and whether or not I should continue or change directions. Your comment gives me hope that perhaps I do make a difference, however small 💕


        1. you make a huge difference – and I am sure not just to me! and I actually have a small folder started for a “blogger” post I am getting ready to create. It goes back to a time when Su Leslie posted a photo fo a flower picture that reminded me of my hair and folks chimed in (more later)- anyhow, I hope to share how these blog connections can be a very sweet part of our lives…. (not if someone gets burned out or has misplaced intentions with blogging – for whatever that means) –
          anyhow, the most special thing with your blog this year was looking forward to your son’s wedding.
          Last year an event I followed was when Dr. Perry (of make it ultra) finished his PhD (focused on narcissism and his blog is cool) anyhow, you invited your readers into your world and it was fun.
          anyhow, I think we both know that the reflecting is also a natural part of doing what we do – and so I am glad that my comment was able to affirm – even just a small bit.



        2. I understand what you’re saying. There have been many instances when the posts and comments from other bloggers have really touched me. On those occasions when I question why I continue to blog, I remind myself that this connection with others is special and I don’t want to lose it 💕

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    1. Yes- they have chicken sands and apps and misc – but we do not really like their food that much anymore – and the day we slipped in here (so glad to get the pics of the soon-to-be-torn-down building) but not loving their food (B minus)

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    1. I know, I know. And i am a sucker for the old brick (burt they are plentiful in this town) and well, this structure is kind of “nasty” so sometimes tearing down is the way to go. I hope they recycle the bricks –


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