Thursday Doors (Destin, FL – Part 2)

I think this is a great business idea: rent-a-towel machine. The left part of the picture makes the area look run down – and so does the busted door below – but this area is actually very nice and has a “kept-up” vibe – you just cannot really tell from this post.

Door of one of the ice coolers. This nice guy named Johnny gave me a little tour. He was so nice and I made a little collage.

Doors of the coolers that hold the little bags of ice (and caught part of the shared fist bump with my huge thanks to Johnny….)
Open doorways (to right in photo) taken a few miles down the beach from our ice coolers. I thought the sign was funny because the word “firearms” is whited out.  Florida beaches now allow firearms. I know not everyone is a gun person – but the change in this sign reminded me that this(guns and the right to bear arms) is a big topic in our country. It also reminded me about when I would travel in the early 1990s. It was around the time when tourist’s (throughout the country, but especially in FL) were being targeted when they had rental cars with “rental car ads” – like stickers or signs -on the bumper or window.  Rental cars are soon became more neutral, although many are obvious (like some of those 4-door Kia’s). Anyhow, I recall my mother telling me (think it was 1993) not to worry too much about driving across country with Florida plates. She said, “Florida is a gun-carrying state and many folks will pass Floridians right on by…” She said something like that – and it did give me some confidence. I was still extra careful – and prayed going through certain cities – especially St. Louis – – but firearms are sure is a hot topic right now.


Closing doors for this post – the opened ice room door and bait cooler – ready for all beachgoers….


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24 thoughts on “Thursday Doors (Destin, FL – Part 2)

  1. (EN) It’s a very interesting post,Y😊. It is in a journalistic perspective in my opinion. Thanks for sharing
    (IT) È un post molto interessante Y😊. È in una prospettiva giornalistica secondo me. Grazie per la condivisione

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  2. i haven’t been to Destin in 3-4 years. I like the panhandle. I don’t really like any of Florida, cause hot, but if I HAVE to go, cause mother, dad, daughter, grandsons — I prefer the panhandle landscape. It’s the best part.
    I like the towel dispensary, I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s clever, it’s yellow, it’s practical.
    Once again, you and I are on the same page. I have a draft about advantages to certain labels, and guns are part of that, even though I am also not a gun person.

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    1. well I look forward to your labels post….
      and I almost left that commentary part off in this post – you know – and just added pics – but then I realized I like when bloggers share a few tidbits of story – and so hey – why not….

      and parts of the east coast side of fla are just nasty – lol (no offense to folks who live there)

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      1. Yeah, the golf definitely has the edge! (Even if it’s all curves!) None of my people live on the Atlantic side of Florida so no offense to mine 😉

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  3. glad to see they’ve whited out firearms on the sign. I remember growing up on the beach in FL and NONE of those things were outlawed on the beach! We could actually use and enjoy the beaches.
    Texas beaches might not all be as pretty as some in FL, but at least we can still enjoy them here. I don’t miss FL beaches at all.

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    1. Hi Capt Jill = thank you for chiming in.
      and I wonder if this beach is extra regulated because it is ahigh tourist area and you know – people sometimes act the fool.
      and I did not realize about the beaches in Fla vs Texas… very interesting –

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      1. I think most of the beaches in FL have been regulated like that now. At least the popular ones.
        I really miss the old days, when we could just go out and enjoy ourselves without all the rules and regulations (and tourists)

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