Change and/or Changeable (Lens-Artist Challenge #15)

This post to join in with the Lens-artist challenge for Change (here


1) Driving through Alabama (hubs was at the wheel) this out-of-the window shot of the cotton crops reminded me of the MANY good changes that have happened in the United States over the decades. Still not perfect, but whew, our country has come a long way (we sure have had some darker days).
2)Speaking of driving, sometimes roads are closed and we have to completely change our route. Detours and inconveniences come up and it can take years to learn how to adapt and respond to change with an even temperament. We need to make sure that we do not let stress change us for the worse.  Have you ever heard of Karoshi? It refers to death caused by over work (in Japan) or refers to job-related exhaustion. However, it is not just work stress that can take a toll. It is the way we respond to the many little things (changes) that come up (it is the sum of many parts) and we need to really think about the way stress impacts our health. Please see the video at the end of this post.


3) Also in reference to driving, one thing that will never change is how much we like using Seafoam in high-milage cars. Now what has changed is the price. Just a few years ago I remember paying 14 dollars and this sign shows the summer sale was half that. Nice. Oh and the young man(right) in the jeans and black t-shirt –  felt like a timeless look – some things never change (like a comfy pair of jeans).
4) Speaking of changing prices, we are slowly starting see changes at Whole Foods now that Amazon owns it. Prime members get 10% off. They also have some new delivery options – but I want more change with Amazon’s golden touch. I guess we will have to wait and see.
5) ewwwww – another thing that never changes (besides the comfy pair of jeans noted above) might be the crappy magazines sold at check out lanes. Well maybe not al of them are bad – and I am so sorry if you are one who enjoys these magazines – please excuse my strong biased opinion here….:)
6) Speaking of reading – ahhhh – a hardcover book and simple towel at the beach is perhaps another simple luxury that will never change for beach decompression. There are times for the fancy towels and even waterproof digital e-book devices, but then there are times when a last minute trip to the beach involves simple basics – unplugged and no frills.
7) Speaking of the beach, while down in Florida last month – we had the chance to do a drop-in yoga class with Suzanne. Complete gift to have such a change with her teaching style. The location for this class was in this huge garage because the current gym was in transition (big change for this gym).  The building they were in sold early and they were waiting for their next location to be ready. So there we were, doing hot yoga in an unexpected place. The best part for me was the way Suzanne applied the wet lavender towel at the end of class. She pressed the cold towel in just the right way to connect to the “brow chakra” on the forehead (it gave us chills and I felt butterflies in my chest – it was crazy cool – more on chakras here). She also let us hear the water as she wrung out the towels. Not sure if that was on purpose or accident, but the sound of the water was nice. I hope to connect with Suzanne again because she is great at what she does.

Okay – those are my seven images for the lens-artist photo challenge this week.

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Oh and I mentioned that we cannot let unplanned changes, like road blocks or work, get us so stressed out to where we let it impact our health.
I saw this video last year and it is really good – had to share it here:
One more bonus picture – thanks to deb’s post (with coins) for reminding me I had this picture but forgot to add it in… (taken in Fla)
priorhousechange-dropped coinswell make it  blog

71 thoughts on “Change and/or Changeable (Lens-Artist Challenge #15)

    1. Oh how fun and so nice to “see” you – I will
      Be over soon!
      And I just got some new comfy jeans that I am looking forward to wearing later today! Ahhhh have a nice day Amanda


      1. I have scheduled posts and aim too check comments. And yes, I do believe selling your home and re locating is one of the most stressful things you can do. But if must be done. Thanks for your kind wishes.

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    1. Bless you, I can ..
      Reading on a beach is a rare treat. Once I’ve got everything sorted around me, the towel, the suncream, the shades (carefully handled so they don’t get smears on the lenses) then I’m ready to settle and start.
      Then usually sometime else requires my attention and I huff and puff and give it to them while my mind is on my book 😂🙈

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      1. enjoyed your scenario – and i can see why reading does not maybe happen more often – but you get lots of other beach enjoyments – and on this particular day – i read snippets of this book to my partner…

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    1. Oh Tish – I have had many a cool towels in my day – loved them all – well except for one at a gym a while back – had a musty smell with the essential oil – I spoke up and it never Happened again – but I digress – this lady actually pressed the forehead – held it and then smoothed the forehead – I have tried to do it but it must be advanced training – sooooo cool

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    1. You are so right Frank – and without a little stress we would not be able to take a test or meet certain challenges – (Yerkes Dodson model) but I think too often without realizing it people are ina constant state of sympathetic nervous system arousal (and the glandukar system and other systems take a huge hit )
      And side note – I did think of your beach walks when I was beaching it (I still need to read some more of your walks – slowly but surely)

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  1. I feel like I am traveling along too. The cotton field picture and your description make me thing of “Cotton Field” song by Creedence Clearwater Revival (sorry for in a habit of thinking of songs when seeing pictures).

    I always like groceries scenes. I think grocery walking can be therapeutic (not that I always buy any foods though).

    Oh, what happened, who those coins fell out on the floor liked that?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Hi YC – I think you might be on to something with the “grocery walking” and the therapy – it reminded me of a post I read about his cleaning the bathroom can be extremely good for someone under dire stress or if they need to regroup (and I might write a fiction post about that idea sometimes – )
      And I love love love when you connect songs like this – I enjoy CCR s music and will check out the song later today –
      And we were leaving the store (my husband was cooking for my step-daughter and so we had to go to a few stores to get what he needed) and this man dropped his coins near the machine that converts coins to dollars – I offered to help pick them up and he said no thanks –
      And side note – speaking of songs (and change) Haystak has a song I like called “paper boy” and one of the likes is about bringing coins to get “some paper boy” something like that – I cannot recall it right now… but it is a cool

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      1. I do like CCR songs a lot. One of my long time favorite band. I hung around with friends back then who play guitars and CCR songs were heavily played. I have not heard of Haystak and the “paper boy” song. I will look for and listen to it. Thank you for mentioning it.

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  2. Wonderful images and observations. Life’s detours have always seemed like an opportunity to see something new. Then again, I get lost a lot while driving. I’m determined not to let stress get to me. It’s hsrd sometimes, we can wring stress out of almost any situation.

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    1. I like the way you said wring stress out of situations – a learned behavior for many of us! And I can imagine you getting on side roads and soaking up the scene and making the most of it

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  3. Great shots and observations, Y! And that vid was awesome, I liked how they got all together in the end to kill the ‘stress’ bear. 😉 And it all made so much sense too. Thank you for sharing! 😄

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  4. I think of the last photo when I head to the laundry room in my apt building. I think of exercise and meditation as ways to make me stronger in body and spirit. Change is true in our technical area or realm in life. I had a regular landline about 12 years ago, then a flip phone and then a wonderful gift of a Galaxy phone. It led me into taking photos to add to my WP account!
    I now feel my Instagram is a new “change” to my life.
    Funny, but hope my sharing how your photos impacted my thought processes was an ok way to “view” them! 😊 I liked them ALL! 💗

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  5. I really enjoyed each thought here – such a nice read and the technology change is a great angle – and glad it led you to instagram !
    I only briefly tried Instagram a couple years ago and have been thinking about going back to try it again – maybe I will – and glad you did not leave WordPress – you bring that robin essence
    Hope you have a good weekend 💜🙏


  6. Wow, nice selection of photos on changing, changes – the “Road Closed” photo reminds me of one trip we went to Reno, even thought the weather report gave us warning, but my hubby kept on driving until he hit a road closed sign.

    Your last photo made a twist of different kind of change – it surprised me. 🙂

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    1. Ahhhhh
      Seafoam is the brand name of this auto and boat product that can go into the gas or oil change and it is an elixir to cars (engines) with high-miles -it keeps gunk out and just helps the engine purr happily.
      Once I was in line buying some and guy in fromt of me was buying two – I noted how much I loved the product and he agreed and actually hugged his two bottles! Quick gesture but that shows you something – and the stores used to have a row of maybe 50 bottles and they seek in a few days – now they have end caps – like the one pictured -effective

      And now for the other seafoam- Ahhhh
      Another favorite item for sure

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      1. don’t be fooled –
        “The competition is none”
        there is only one Seafoam

        (Kidding – I am sure there are good brands – but over here this is the best )


    1. it really is – and hey – did you know that the Dog Whisperer (Cesar Milan) uses lavender essential oil to help calm dogs.
      You should have some lavender essential oil around for everyone to enjoy it. And do not even need to wait until you “need” it – but if you do need it – whew – good stuff – For example,
      When we used to have dogs and had dog sitters watch them – our Black Lab started acting out when he got older – we had the sitters use “Peace and Harmony” essential oil blend (from NOW brand and it has a lot of lavender in it) and our Lab responded so well and it made a difference
      (thanks for dropping by)

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      1. Yes, our dogs love the smell of lavender oil too. I use a few drops in an oil burner during fireworks season and that, combined with playing relaxing classical music makes a huge difference 🐾💜🐾

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