Brought to You by the Letter S (Friday Fictioneers)

Time to join in with Friday Fictioneers.

Here is the photo:

Photo credit -© Jilly Funell

Here is the fiction:

Genre: Realistic fiction (and humor)

Word Count: 100 

Title: Brought to You by the Letter “S”


Sheila, a Seahawks fan from Seattle, stopped shopping and was now sidelined, sitting on the stairs, and sad in a stagnant slumber. She squared off her social space to stop shallow breathing. Shhhhh, she said, until her seventh exhale, when silence settled in. Spotting a spider on the sidewalk distracted her sorrow until she realized she was wearing socks with sandals. Seriously silly, but she had a more sonorous situation; shoes seemed insignificant and small. Spinney retired from Sesame Street and Seattle Seahawks owner passed away–  all in the same week.

Grief would have to run its course.





Author Notes:

Today’s Friday Fictioneers was brought to you by the letter “S” in honor of Carol Spinney’s retirement after his 50-year puppeteer job as Big Bird (and Oscar) on Sesame Street (here).

The letter S was also featured in memory of Seattle Seahawks owner, Paul Allen, who sadly passed away this week (here).



Can you guess how many s’s there were in my fiction? (answer is at the end of this post)

Now I am just having fun here – so please do not be all serious if you think this was shallow or too simple for a Friday Fictioneers entry. It was satisfying to sort and sift out some “S” words. And author process matters… but I do hope you enjoyed the shout out, which featured letter “S.”

Oh and here are the “s” words that did NOT make the cut:











Care to join in this writing challenge or care to read more entries?

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Answer: There were 64 s’s in my 100 word fiction.










68 thoughts on “Brought to You by the Letter S (Friday Fictioneers)

    1. well he will still be there, but the man who played Big Bird for 50 years is retiring – they sure do have longevity on Sesame Street as oppsoed to some shows where actors come and go

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks so much – and I guess sometimes simple and leSS can be more… and it was fun to keep it light – and seriously tho – I just saw a photo of myself wearing socks with sandals and well… um – lol

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for “getting” the story – and there were 64 “s’s” and the word count was 44 (or close to that)
      but in hindsight I see I could have changed a few things and squeezed in about five to ten more “s’ words – but I am going to leave it “be” – hah


    1. you are supersonic with your “s” words – and your scintillating and stellar handle of the language shines straight through here.

      ha – and seriously- you are good with words, T – and “spied spinnaker” could have fit in – and maybe added Steel swirls – lol
      but I only had the 100 words – and then I also was side-tracked because I had her leave her sail boat (because Paul Allen was notorious for his boat and I was trying to connect that – but it did not work) and then I could have added surprised and taken out an “and” –
      and whole I am okay with editing posts and doing updates- I am going to leave this be –
      but ooo la la – your additions would have been nice:

      shopping (s)center in the seaside (s)city…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol, it’s always fun “chatting” with you. Only having 100 words to work with is sometimes great, but I often wish I had just a few more words to rub together to make the point 😉


    1. oh have fun in Seattle, Jilly – and I heard that Paul Allen “Saved” the team back in the day because the former owner was about to move the team.
      Seattle fans are grateful for him.
      a Denver Bronco fan – I am “over” the time that Seattle stomped on us in the Superbowl; USA Reporter, Mulholland, was in sync with our S words when he wrote about it saying, “Seattle’s defense was stifling, swarming…” and “the bizarre start” was ominous!


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