Big Lens at Woodbine Pumpkin Patch (Lens-Artists #16)

Hello Readers – It is October. Passed the mid-October point. And so this means pumpkin patches are in full swing.

Not the store pumpkin patches (like the photo I grabbed earlier this month here) – but the real farmers that put BIG work into the planting so we can enjoy the fruits of their labor. The theme Tina picked (here) for the Lens-Artists photo challenge is BIG. And so to join in this week, I have a few photos to share from a pumpkin patch in Woodbine, Virginia (thanks Dawn).

1) Big Lens – oh baby – he is a “lens-artist” for sure. And big gourds.
2) Big Smiles (This couple was from Maryland and they had some big-joy.)
3) Big Bumps
4) Big Drops…These little drops – shown big to the right, reminded me that without water – we have no pumpkins – no gourds – and no gardens – and then no life…
5) Big Beauties (The duck-shaped jumbo gourd and very round pumpkin reminded me of an old couple sitting and hanging out.) I actually took this photo because of the Zinnia (left photo), which is one of my favorite flowers. – My potted zinnia fizzled out in June this year! But I think many readers know that my Mandevilla and Rose of Sharon made up for it this year.- – –  Flowers sure can unlock your heart – – –  and so can gardening – – – The blogger “Hey Jude” (here) had a powerful post about the power of gardening and she said, “Gardening is fun and creative, it gets you out into the fresh air and is a good form of exercise. Gardening can make you feel good and improve your mental and emotional well-being. And it can be done anywhere by anyone”

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Bonus Picture –
The store that was attached to this pumpkin patch had a lot of stuff for sale. Jams and syrups, produce, and misc. items like pillows, potholders, and soap. They also had lip balm and lemon wallets.
Big Reminders here:
“Squeeze the Day”
“Live Life with Zest”
“When Life Gives us Lemons…. Make Sorbet”
(and then maybe blog – and then make lemonade…)
Have a nice day….

36 thoughts on “Big Lens at Woodbine Pumpkin Patch (Lens-Artists #16)

        1. but if it did (was trying to connect to how I added blogging and then make lemonade – and well, how we bloggers take photos of almost everything these days – well most do)

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    1. Thanks for dropping by – and this couple were seriously “happy photographers” and it reminded me how having a hobby can really enrich our lives

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  1. That “big lens” look good. He was having a great time.

    Ah, “The duck-shaped jumbo gourd and very round pumpkin reminded me of an old couple sitting and hanging out.” is a great imagination and I am with you on this!

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    1. hi – YC – and the couple really was having a good time – they said (with an accent and still working on their English) that where they lived in Maryland there was nothing like this (not pumpkin patches) and this area of Virginia is a place for folks to come from DC, Maryland, West Virginia, and even the Carolinas

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  2. There is something very warm and welcoming about all the pumpkin displays at this time of year. Last week in my travels up and down country roads, I saw not only the houses decked out but the fields still full of golden orbs. I couldn’t help but feel happy 🙂

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  3. Those little lemon coin purses are adorable! I’d carry one of those. Also, love the duck squash. It’s like it’s doting on the punkin 🙂

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