Music Monday (Sample from 45s and CDs)

Hello Readers – today I have a Music Sampler post for Music Monday.

I think this is a bit unusual to have a sampler for a Music Monday Post, but today’s post is special. Not because it took a long time to create – because it was actually easy to add YouTube links – and the little collage was cutting and pasting. The post is special because I enjoyed making it and it provides another example as to how blogging enriches my life and helps me grow. 

All of the songs featured in this post are from one single photograph. 

**Please note – I am NOT planning on featuring music posts a lot on this blog **- this post is an exception because I followed up with the idea of exploring a photograph – but not at all going to start posting songs – maybe some here and there – but if I add any new focus it will be health posts and writing more fiction….

I first featured this picture in a Thursday Doors post (here) and at that time I shared the song “Let Your Love Flow” –

 Bush Boy was curious about one of the other songs in the picture and so I went to the original and zoomed in a bit.

I found a lot more songs and decided to share them here.

As always, I invite you to skim and leave – or perhaps listen to them all. The key is at the end of the post.


  1. Bellamy Brothers’ “Let Your Love Flow” (here on Youtube) – already shared this in the Thursday Doors post (here)

2) This next one is the 45 BB asked me about.  It has the song, “Don’t Cha Hear Me Calling” (the one in the bin was by The 5th Dimension) but I chose to share Mance’s version of “Dont’cha Hear me Callin’ to Ya” (below) because it is jazzy and smooth.


3)  Next song is “Eli’s Coming” by Three Dogs Night.

Did not know this song. I looked it up: “This hit song was breaking the bro-code by warning their female friend that a heartbreaker named Eli is coming back to town. The song was actually written from a female perspective by Laura Nyro, a singer who found commercial success as a songwriter.”

I think this song could use some cowbell – don’t you?



4) Alan Jackson was the musician in the Black CD (lower right in the picture). That had me looking up his music and I really liked this one called “Angels and Alcohol”:

I also liked Jackson’s The Older I Get (Jackson was new to me before I checked out this photo and he is now on my playlist- well a few of his songs are….).



5) The CD (below Jackson’s CD) was difficult to make out, but I could see the word “Roar” and Tour” – and so I looked it up a bit and on YouTube I found “Roar Photo Photography Tour: Australian Wildlife” (This video looked like something Bush Boy would have created and so I went with this for roar and tour….):


6) To the lower left, I saw pink and purple pastels, which reminded me of Matt Redman’s “Your Grace Finds Me.” It is one of my favorite songs from this decade (reminds me of 2014):

7) In the upper left of the photo there was a CD from a band called American Highway Flower’s (1994)dada CD.  So here is the song called “Scum” (it is very cool) at the 48 second mark it reminded me of Prince song and then at 2:10 it reminded me of another band…. (maybe Smashing Pumpkins or Jane’s Addiction…maybe even Drivin’ and Cryin)

hmmm – if you care to have a listen I would love to know what you think of this song:

The next five songs are from the mixed CD that was upper left in the photo – it is a blue CD and here are a few songs I could make out (just for fun – and to jam…). 


8) On the Blue CD is “Death in Venice”  by Gustav Mahler- Adagietto (from Symphony N°5) – YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT THE PHOTOGRAPHY IN THIS VIDEO – and the music is just wonderful:

9)On the Blue CD is Frank Schubert No 3 Allegro Moderato in F minor – No 3 Allegro moderato in F minor


10) Mozart, Artur Rubinstein — Piano Concerto No.23 in A major K488 – Adagio (And is this rain from 1976 – I think so…)

11)On the Blue CD is Valery Gergiev Der Freischütz von weber

12)On the Blue CD is also Laudate Dominum (Andante con moto) – Akademisk Kor Århus – nice two-minute song:


13) The last song to share from this single photo, is a song that was in the middle of the other two 45s, which was hard to make out. It had Gallagher & Lyle’s “International” on it, which I guess they recorded under McGuinness Flint – and then the record “could” also have “Stay Young” on it – and I liked that song – so let’s go with Stay Young (as it reminds us that the “best things in life are free…”):

Part 2:

Want to explore some blogs that often feature music- new songs and old jams?

  1. America on Coffee HERE has music posts often and an example is Don’t Pull Your Love 
  2. Colline does Music Monday Posts and here is one of her recent ones. with Korean Pop.
  3. The Immortal Jukebox (blog about Music and Pop Culture). Thom Hickey has Van Morrison Tribute“The 31st of August is always a Red Letter Day for The Immortal Jukebox because it’s the birthday of Van Morrison whose glorious recordings have been the keystone of my musical life for nigh on 50 years.”

The Key to my songs pulled from the photograph:


Wishing you a good day and great week.

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    1. haha – well funny you should mention those pants – I like how one man has a buckle and the tucked in look and the other guy has the loose shirt. Whew – sure marked the fashion trend. And side note, I did have some striped jeans in 1986 – blue denim and an almost black thick stripe – and they were fun –

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    1. thanks so much for the comment, Inese. I appreciate it for two reasons. First, I went back in added a little note to readers that I do not plan on doing big music posts like this all the time – but you are right – it was an idea and I really had fun exploring a photo like this. However, if I add anything to my future focus it would be to do more posts with health/nutrition or more short fiction.
      The second reason I appreciate your comment was I have been meaning to leave you a note – and will be by later this week to check in –
      peace to you

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    1. thanks for checking out the songs, YC.
      I agree – the quality is good on many of these songs.
      I was just telling another commenter that I am not planning on doing music posts a lot – but this one here- this post is going to be one I will come back to when I want to jam to a variety of music – like a little playlist.

      thanks again for chiming in and hope you have a nice week

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    1. thank you for coming to check out the songs. I know it was a bit long for a blog post, but it was more for moi (and for those in the mood for some jams) – but I plan to come back to this post when i want an eclectic playlist

      oh and I know you said you are going to add some songs to your future posts and I look forward to it

      oh and the Ruthy Baby song was awesome and has been an ear worm


  1. Ah, 45s. I couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4 and yes, I remember. I remember I had a lil red suitcase with a handle and inside — you know, a record player! I had mostly music from the late 60s, things I think my parents were okay with me ruining 😉 MY favorite was “I got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key” — oh the hours and hours 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Joey,. I read it the other day and was all smiles.
      and the little red suitcase – oh I think I know the kind.
      and I had a red radio (with fm baby) and I recall listening to the song “My Life” by Billy Joel and “Believe it or not, I am walking on air”
      I had to look up the song – and thanks so much for it!!!

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