Wednesday Photos & Happy Birthday Kim

I started off with three pictures for a “Wordless Wednesday” post:

But then – I remembered some other pictures I took when I grabbed the previous photos:

I was at a B & B and they had a library with various old books. They had the dust jacket for Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea – but no book. Then, I opened up a different book, a picture about water, and I turned right to a page with a little piece called The Old Man who Knows About the Sea:

So I read about the Old man, who sometimes talked “to the sea instead.”


Now do you remember that I was looking for the Hemingway book?

Well I was looking for it because my special friend, Kim H., inspired me with her take on literature during our High School Years.

She and I also used to talk and talk and talk.  We’d make tea and toast and then talk for hours on those cold, wintry Buffalo nights.

Kim comes to mind when I see certain authors or titles –


it just so happens that today (October 31st) is Kim’s birthday.

So this post is dedicated to Kim – my special friend from years ago – happy birthday!


And of course I need to end with a Hemingway quote and a shot of whiskey:

“Now is no time to think of what you do not have.

Think of what you can do with what there is.”

― Ernest Hemingway, The Old man and the Sea

Hope you have a nice day – and may we all look forward with hope making the most of what there is now and is to come.









19 thoughts on “Wednesday Photos & Happy Birthday Kim

    1. Hi YC – you have a good eye and you are right – that pup was looking at me – and I was not very close – I zoomed in a bit. I did not realize he was looking at me – I was actually out there takings pics of trees and those folks came into my frame – I was there first (haha kidding)

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    1. yes, BB – you talk to your tress…
      and birds, and bugs, and reptiles, and marsupials, and your bestie, and many other pals and community friends, and those house guests,
      and of course… your blog pals..
      and I “will talk to the sea” for us


  1. Oooh. I really like the final saying on the post. So pro-active and positive! And I hope your friend Kim had a wonderful birthday! Funnily enough, I have a friend called Kim and it is also her birthday – what a coincidence.
    I like your creativity in presenting the last two photos. Pic and words together – awesome!

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    1. Hi Amanda – that is super cool about your friend Kim.
      The question I have for you is does your friend spell her name “ley” at the end. If so – then it is even more spooky cool.
      did you know that Boston’s song Amanda Is a very special one for Kim and I?
      We both waited for it to be released and jammed with one of those 1980s chrome boom boxes down at Cazenovia Creek.


    1. Hi Crystal, I felt that too. Thanks for chiming in. I also have felt similar (not often – but occasionally) where I had wisdom to depart but ears were not in listen mode.

      I also love the man’s hands.

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