Sunday Trees #364 (Happy 7th Anniversary)


This post is to join in with Becca Givens’ Sunday Trees

But it is not just any ol’ Sunday. 

This week, Becca’s challenge for Sunday Trees is celebrating its 7th Anniversary

Wow –  364 weeks and she is still going strong.

Many thanks to Becca for her time and effort as the host for this challenge. 


Isn’t this an interesting mix of trees? This photo reminds me of the diversity that comes together from a blog challenge.


Best wishes for the future of her challenge and wishing all of my readers a very nice rest of your Sunday. 


And the last photo reminds me how blogs allow us to still have our own defined space ! Visit when you want – have space when you do not want to – 😉

(PS – Go Broncos)








27 thoughts on “Sunday Trees #364 (Happy 7th Anniversary)

    1. Thanks Ana -and nice lazy Sunday with football and friends – and a little blog check in (Triple win ) and enjoyed your lens artist post just now! Be back in a bit –
      And hope your weekend was well

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  1. Some lovely shots to celebrate Becca’s anniversary. Trees are so relaxing and a wonderful day to start the day. Here the trees are being blown back and forth by the wind that will likely be bringing rain soon. Wish I could send some to my s-i-l in France, where they’re on water rationing!!

    Happy Sunday, Yvette.


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  2. I love your trees…especially the first. I wanted to mention another tree also…a small, but beautiful Rose of Sharon, grown from a seed. It bloomed for me this year, a lovely shade of lavender/purple, and the blossom had frills and a lovely center. I felt blessed by the bloom.

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    1. Oh that made my day! And smiling because I also saw a single rose of Sharon bloom today and I thought they were done for the season! But there it was – looking right at me – and then to read your comment – ahhh – we have this small bond with our dear “rose of Sharon”
      And your nurturing green thumb must have added love to get her from that seed so woo hoo!
      And the first photo – I wish it was a little clearer but was a decent sky –/ it was Alabama cotton field in septemebrr

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  3. Ah you have some stunning shots … so guessing that you would be more interesting in me collating your shots and quotes to put on a calendar?

    As a broncos supporter I take it you are an Aussie … so I can have it printed and posted to you easily … if you are interested I will email you privately but obviously it’s not of interest to others …

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