Time for Some Art #1 (4 Selections from Kent’s Paintings Book)



Remember the B & B we went to this fall (here)


I brought a book to read (of course) but then put it down so I could explore some of the books on this cluttered shelf.

Now I don’t know about you, but for some of us – a shelf like this is an adventure.

When we have the chance to go back – I will start my visit right here – with some tea and then by diving into an old gem.

The above photos are from Kent’s (1939) World-Famous Paintings book.

Later this month I will share some images from the two other books I enjoyed during my visit: one was called Water (post will be linked here) and the other was from CS Lewis – (and that post will be linked here).


Wishing you a nice day.

Which of the four art pieces do you like the most from this post?

My favorite one (from the four today) is Millet’s L’Angelus:







19 thoughts on “Time for Some Art #1 (4 Selections from Kent’s Paintings Book)

    1. Oh Anna – that is exactly how I felt- it is tucked away to the right of the dining room – and so after settling in it was like – “well well well – what do we have here”

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  1. I was going to thank you for including Millet’s L’Angelus, and I love his paintings. Then, I scrolled down…happily saw the video. 🙂 🙂 What a special post, Y!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like when that kind of stuff happens – where we connect with a post and and then scroll to see the connection is there
      Thanks for the visit too


  2. Love the theme. I think it is a spiritual video . I find video reflects on so many spiritual virtues. The most inspirational light on the human journey comes thru the many expressions of art. Nice photos and share!


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