Time for Some Art #2 (Work Theme)

Time for some more art.

Many readers know that Priorhouse loves art.

Well did you also know that the area of “work” is a special of interest over here at the Priorhouse?

Work is such a gift for humans – and of course there are many factors at play that determine how our work experience unfolds – but the “right type” of work is very important for overall wellness. More on this topic in upcoming posts…. and now back to the art for today. 

Earlier this year, while at our local art museum, these two “work-themed” paintings stood out to me:

#1: Paul Sample’s Spring Song, 1938


#2: John Biggers’ Coming Home from Work, 1944

And now I have some work to do, so I bid adieu….








17 thoughts on “Time for Some Art #2 (Work Theme)

      1. Love to hear THAT!!!
        When I was still working, they brought in a piano player (some sort of promotional thing), and I mentioned to the guy that growing up, my favorite piano player was the blonde woman who played honkey-tonk on the Lawrence Welk Show. He could have knocked me over when he said she was a friend of his and was coming to play a few days later – I didn’t work much that day!!


    1. Thanks so much Dan…
      And after reading your comment I realized it might be “daytime” in that bar scene –
      Either way – the artist did evoke a nice vibe


  1. An interesting pairing, Yvette. The man in the first painting appears to be doing something he and the bartender enjoy, while the woman in the second seems so tired and even beaten down. Work is a particular blessing when it’s something you love (or at least like) and provides a decent living.


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    1. That was an interesting comment and sometimes it comes down to “how we define work”
      And then even those wealthy (over the top wealthy) folks still end up “staying busy” which sometimes
      Becomes a type of work!
      But I have seen people get the “funk” without work
      -and then sometimes it is just god for humans to be under authority

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  2. I do like Spring Song. There’s something comforting about it, not just the subkect — but the rounded tones and soft shadows appeal to me. I don’t care for the other, the subject is great, but I dislike the style.
    Work is very important. I think of it more as occupation. Lack of occupation is unhealthy. I love my job and have loved my job at other places — but more important, I believe is that I love the environment, the culture, the vibe of my current workplace.

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    1. I really like the way you call it “occupation” and so often we hear the triad “job, career l, or calling” but occupation might sum those three up – hmmm
      and then note the culture and vibe-
      That is the crux of what matters – ahhhh
      And thanks for sharing your input on the art – helps me get more from them –
      I still notice more – like in the second one the line on the stockings just stood out – hmmm

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      1. Thank you. I feel really strongly about occupation. You don’t have to produce or earn, but one must be occupied many hours of a day — a passion, a drive, a goal, whatever gets you out of bed and moves you.

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  3. I like seeing the looks from different styles and eras, Yvette! The way you are creating this conversation on work certainly keeps the comments lively. Take it easy, dear friend. 🌞 🍁 🌾

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