Wednesday Photos (Boxer at the Gym)

Last November, I did a photo shoot at the gym. 

This awesome young man let me interview him and grab some photos. 

Yesterday’s post (here) about the cups with the question, “Who would you beat up?” reminded me of these boxer photos. 




Wishing you a pleasant Wednesday….










15 thoughts on “Wednesday Photos (Boxer at the Gym)

    1. Hi – thanks YC – I have shots from the left (the ones here are from the right) and I wanted to make a better post – because I have some video footage – but I only ya e so much time for blogging and so the second best option is to just share some pics right now – maybe someday later on I can create an artsier post with a little video – but for now I st least got some pics together – felt good to get this post out there – 😉

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