Time For Some Art #3 (Political-Legal: Corporation as a Person?)

Time for some more art.

Okay, so Su Leslie recently shared (here) about her visit to see Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea (here):

Su’s post covered some of the 100 plus contemporary sculptures around the coastal path in suburban Sydney…


I shared with Su that I enjoyed her post a little more this week because the art show we went to last week was a bit of a drain as it had some political and legal angles. I don’t mind the legal talk, but completely worn out from all the political talk this month (mid-term elections). And Colline (here) recently shared how she heard an author speak (in Canada)  and American politics came up there as well.


Not in the mood for scruffy sculptures of people like O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Hannity, etc. They had two cases of these art pieces… yawn


I know that politics and legal matters are important. I know that we need to ALL stay involved – and I saved my “I voted” sticker because it meant a lot to me. But overdone is overdone. 


I did like this next interactive piece.

The artist had a display set up to ask viewers whether or not they agreed that “a corporation is a person and if it should have the same rights and protections afforded human beings by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

We discussed the question and we were glad that some folks ripped the little circles to share their “split” view. 


We also looked at the way the art was presented to try to figure out agenda (so often artists ask a question or come across neutral but there is often a view or opinion woven into the presentation). This artist – we think- did NOT feel that corporations should have the same rights as a person. 

I went with my son and his fiancé (in the collage to the right). Yes, you heard that right – my son and his gf are getting married next fall. woo hoo. I will share a better photo of them in an upcoming post.









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31 thoughts on “Time For Some Art #3 (Political-Legal: Corporation as a Person?)

  1. First of all congratulations to your son and his fiancé— that’s awesome news.

    I have an ongoing discussion with friends about art and politics. I do believe that art has a huge role to play in raising awareness of, and creating discussions around, moral, social, political and economic issues. I also think that it needs to be done well, and that in order to merit the term “art” it needs to be more than a political diatribe. So often it seems that sloppy thinking and banal presentation are being offered as political art, with each label almost justifying the other. Yuk and double yuk!!

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    1. Yuck and double yuck is right!
      And thanks again for going to Sydney to bring such a unique take of the sea sculptures – I was surprised that you said it was crowded and that interfered with some shots because your photos did not depict it as crowded – hm

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      1. Sculptures By The Sea is always crowded. Early mornings or afternoons are best and through the week not weekends. I haven’t been for a couple of years now maybe next year

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    1. well i am honored that you said that, Ally. And I do truly do not overthink my posts. I sometimes take pictures for posts and then nothing unfolds – and then other times I take pictures for myself and a post unfolds. So does that make sense? A few years ago, when i first found my groove with blogging – I learned that i had to do posts for me and in line with where i am right now – and not for what would get more views and more followers. I value those things – of course, but I have to blog for myself first and I think that is why I still enjoy it – if that makes sense… (and this is why i do not schedule very many posts in advance – I like to be active and involved) and then many posts are a scrapbook for me and that phase of life – like this last week I played Oh, Sheila! a few times and we were laughing -and it came from a fiction post!
      anyhow, thanks for that very sweet comment – you added some pep to my step 🙂

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      1. How incredibly trippy is it that you wrote this, considering what I wrote? Great minds, and all that.

        I used to never overthink my posts, but over the years I’ve become more cautious. I still only post something if it pleases me first. But I’m finding that I’m getting more difficult to please the longer I write a blog.

        Perhaps I’m turning into an old curmudgeon who doesn’t like anything! Or I’m just tired and stressed– and taking myself too seriously. Probably the latter more than the former.

        And on that note let me conclude by saying, thanks for putting the bounce back in my pounce. 😊

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  2. I’m also tired of the politics and the animus!! I’m happy to discuss, but I don’t want arguments and the hateful attitudes of so many these days. I stay involved, I vote, and I also have a life. 🙂 Of course artists can have a POV, but then we can decide we don’t like their art and that’s OK as well.


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  3. This is definitely not my cup of art. I’ll give it credit for eliciting emotion and conversation, but ick. Like you, I grew sick of politics monopolizing daily chatter.
    Congratulations on expanding the love in your family ❤

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