Happy Monday (Book: Water, A View from Japan)

Happy Monday.

Remember the B & B we went to this fall? (here)

Remember the cluttered bookshelf I explored? (here) And how I said I’d come back to share about two other books from that visit?

Well today is the day to share tidbits from the Water book. 

The only thing I cannot give you is some hot tea.

So go and make some tea (I will wait) and then come on back to explore this post with me. 


Okay, here we go:

First of all, Because it is Music Monday, let’s start with a Japanese Instrumental:

This is the shelf that had the water book (right). Which book from this shelf would you have selected?



Water depicted on cloth, wood, paper, and metal- – all with Japanese flair.

Would you like some more Japanese music? 

Go here for an hour of Japanese instrumental music. 


To wrap up this post, I will leave you with two water photos I took back in October.

I actually took these photos for the Lens-Artists #17 “fun” theme, but I could not get to it that week — and that is okay – right? We have to blog when we can and sometimes we cannot….. which also brings me to share that Priorhouse will be taking a short blog break. Need to catch up on a few projects and have a mini-trip to take (hope to be unplugged as much as possible) and so we shall see how it goes.  🙂  If you are looking for some interesting science articles to read – check out Spark-On-It’s blog (here) I was just at Spark-on-it and remembered how great the content was over there. 

 Linked to Travel with Intent’s “purple”



Hey – you looking at me? Well I am wishing “you” a great week…. 

Quick update:











53 thoughts on “Happy Monday (Book: Water, A View from Japan)

  1. (EN) Super interesting, Y. Happy to read, listen and see each part of your post😊. Many thanks for sharing
    (IT) Super interessante, Y. Felice di leggere, ascoltare e vedere ogni parte del tuo post😊. Grazie molte per la condivisione

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    1. thanks for taking the time to read it amiga – even though now after reading your post I cannot stop thinking of duck liver and street artists….
      forget the water – bring me Paris. hahahh

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  2. Beautiful music. I would choose the book on Greece. Right now my husband and I are so caught up with the PBS series, ‘The Durrells of Corfu.’ I’m in the middle of the book it is based upon. The scenery in the show is spectacular and we now talk of maybe trying to go to Greece one day.

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    1. Hi – the series you mentioned sounds really good -and I almost grabbed a Greece book – because my old blog friend Vass was from Greece and I thought of him –
      Oh and did you see the second Greece book on the left – the Photograohic Journey tbrough Greece? I think the book to the right is about the monuments of Greece.
      Either way -thanks for sharing your book and I hope you and the hubs make it there someday!

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  3. Cheer, let’s have a glass of water together 🙂 The Chinese or Japanese written for water itself look like a drop let of water splash on the floor. Yes, it is water !! Cheer.

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    1. Oh I hope they have it – I checked on amazon and they have one for sale (48$, which would be worth it to a collector) and I am really glad to have been able to explore the book – the old photographs have that 1970s vibe


  4. Great post, Yvette. A fascinating bookshelf – I think my first pick would have been the cruising one. Cruises aren’t my type of travel at all, but I went to an interesting exhibition about it a few weeks ago and would love to see more of what it was like in its glamorous heyday. Chinese characters fascinate me – I know a few but how they ever learn the massive quantity of pictures I’ll never know!
    And your purple contribution is great fun 🙂


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