A Photo a Week Challenge: Things with Wings (museum photos)

Hello Readers, 

We were at the art museum last night (VMFA) and I had some pictures to join in with Nancy Merrill’s “things with wings” theme.



I really like the shadows in the previous images. 

 There were cool shadows outside too: 

VMFA Pauley Center

In this next photo, I liked the way the two figures (lady left and security guard right) looked in the lit-up doorway. 

VMFA West Wing  Doors (linked to Thursday Doors)

Also while we were outside at the museum, we noticed some winter construction:

We smelled cigar smoke – and it turned out to belong to this nice old chap (he was relaxing outside the museum with his wife – brrrrr). 

In closing, here is a little ornament (because the holiday season is upon us folks) with some fun wings – and a nice winter scarf.

Previous posts with some shots from the VMFA: 

April 2018 here

May 2018 here


A Photo a Week Challenge: Things with Wings

Thanks for viewing and wishing you a wonderful day.











17 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Things with Wings (museum photos)

    1. glad you are able to enjoy your local
      Museum and I would love to catch an opera rehearsal – I do not like Too much opera – but do appreciate it and do feel moved after listening to it 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼


    1. Hi Jesh,
      Hope you are having a nice month of December –
      And thanks for asking about the art –
      that piece is called Chloe (at the Virginia museum of fine arts) and it made of resin with a marble dusting in the topcoat, which means it sparkles when light hits it- I have not seen it at sunset but I guess it is extra nice then.

      Here is some information
      Installed in April 2017
      “There’s a new striking addition to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ sculpture garden that is literally turning heads.

      “Chloe,” a 24-foot-tall sculptural head created by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, was installed in the garden last week. Composed of polyester resin, marble dust and a stainless steel infrastructure, “Chloe” is at the corner of the garden next to the James W. and Frances G. McGlothlin Wing.

      Plensa has created similar sculptures of young girls with closed eyes and serene expressions for the Seattle Art Museum and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, N.Y. But “Chloe” is the first to be cast in one piece on such a large scale.”


  1. Looks like a lovely exhibit. Very well captured in dim lighting. Your shots outside are equally interesting…really like the capture of the lady and the security guard in the background. Such an everyday shot. Makes me wonder if many of us are being watched…like who is watching over us…do people really care if they do or don’t watch over us… Very cute ornament. Here in Australia today is summer. Happy winter to you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi M- happy summer to you.
      I like how some of us bloggers have opposite seasons – and I also wonder how much we are all being watched –
      Big brother is upon us for sure.
      And we were in line and someone took a photo of my husband’s sneakers and calves – I looked over at the guy and his eyes bulged – and I nodded with a soft smile (as if to say no worries) and went back on my way.
      We talked about it on the ride home –
      And laughed because the sneakers were these orange things that were “loud” – they were new “non-cast” sneakers he was trying out (close to being barefoot I guess) and they did look a little like clown shoes – he now has black ones (different brand) and they are subtle and cool.
      So we laughed to imagine that guy sharing “clown shoes” ha


      1. Lol at the guy taking a photo of your husband…maybe the guy did find the shoes were a a standout as you mentioned…or he found your husband’s legs attractive XD


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