Friday Food: Kombucha (fermented tea for gut health and immunity)

Hello Readers – It is time for a Friday Food post.

My very favorite food item this year is kombucha.

And my favorite brand is GTS (here).

What exactly is kombucha?

Simple answer:

Kombucha is tea with bacteria and yeast. It is a fizzy drink, made from fermented tea, which comes in many flavors and has to be kept refrigerated. It boosts your immune system. 

Detailed answer:

kombucha is as a gelatinous mass of symbiotic bacteria (Acetobacter xylinum) and yeasts (Brettanomyces and Saccharomyces) which are grown to produce a fermented beverage held to confer multiple health benefits (Merriam-Webster). 

More detailed answer:

Kombucha is produced by fermenting tea using a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) commonly called a mother or mushroom. The SCOBY becomes a blob and it’s a living symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, which can be used to ferment new batches of kombucha. The live organisms in kombucha have polyphenols, enzymes, amino acids, and probiotics — all of this provide the human gut with healthy organisms and good bacteria. These bacteria can improve many aspects of health, including digestion, inflammation, Chron’s ailments, metabolism problems, liver health, and skin health. 

My son has been drinking kombucha for years. 

Other friends have pushed it my way. 

A few years ago my friend brought me some of her homemade brew and I did not even taste it. ((Hey, we have to accept where we are at different times.))

Earlier this year,  the hubs and I started sharing a small bottle (16oz) on the way home from the gym. It was refreshing – all four to six ounces I had for that week. I see now that I NEVER really felt the health benefits of this drink because I did not drink enough of it.

Then one Sunday, my good friend, Mike (a.k.a. Magnesium mike (here), a.k.a. Kim’s hubby, a.k.a. Dr. Martinelli) brought a huge bottle (48oz) of GTS kombucha to yoga and he let me take the rest home.

Having the 48oz bottle at home allowed me to drink enough of this and then I saw the powerful health benefits. I have been drinking it every single day since.  If anyone needs immune system boosting, you need to try some kombucha. 


I have a had a few chances to look it up and here are a few more things I have found: 

  • Kombucha has origins in Japan, but was likely around during antiquity – some say Cleopatra drank this fermented elixir. 
  • Kombucha is raw and alive and is a type of food for the intestines. Further, when you drink kombucha with food, like meats or dense faits and oils, you abosrb more of the polyphenols.
  • Some hipsters call it BOOCH.
  • Kombucha is supposed to be easy to make at home (I am not up for the challenge yet). 
  • Alcohol content is very very small: Someone said that Lindsey Lohan (here) in 2011 reportedly blamed a failed alcohol breath test on drinking Kombucha tea, “a fermented soft drink that contains a smidgen of alcohol.” Yes, there is a little alcohol in kombucha, because it’s a fermented drink,  there is a small amount of alcohol in kombucha—anywhere from 0.5 to 2 percent. (For comparison’s sake, a Budweiser is 5 percent.) I have had two to three bottles of GTS kombucha in one day and I have never felt buzzed (I also had them with food and not at the same time) and I am a lightweight so if there was a lot of alcohol I would not be able to drink it.  The makers of Kombucha suggest that even though the amount of alcohol is slight, people sensitive to alcohol or if you drink Kombucha on an empty stomach, might experience temporary euphoria.


  • Kombucha is also a “functional food” because of the microbes. Reminding us that not all bacteria are evil—and that many are good and necessary to human health—so we need to consume more live cultures and fermented products. 


Speaking of functional food….

we were SHOCKED (article here) to hear that Heinz-Kraft is acquiring the Primal Kitchen line. 

SO shocked because the people who make corn-syrup ketchup and nitrite-filled lunch meat are now going to be in charge of mass-producing products we have come to love. A company that is all about plastic containers, industrial oils, and chemical enhancers in food is now supposed to provide us with the fresh avocado-oil mayo and other items we have come to depend on????

Really? Truly we are in shock….hopefully it will work out. 


I guess there is a season and time for everything.

A time to start a company (like Primal Kitchen) and then a time to SELL a company to the big guys. 


And, there is a time to refrain from trying kombucha and then a time to try it, love it, and thank God for bringing it your way. ahhhhhh

I am so glad I finally “really” started enjoying kombucha (thanks Mike); my only regret is that I did not drink this wonderful gut-healing elixir years ago. 


It is very cool that we live in a day and age when avocados seem to always be in season?


Happy Friday everyone. 


I am getting ready to try and make my own: keep you posted.

Homemade Kombucha









14 thoughts on “Friday Food: Kombucha (fermented tea for gut health and immunity)

  1. I have heard of kombucha but have never tried it. Maybe some day… Something about about food that grows floaties as it sits in my refrigerator sounds a little less than appetizing 😉

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    1. Well I know what you mean – and my son strains his- but not all of the kombucha has floaties – the gingerade one has the most (and your gut will love the floaties) but the trilogy one is supposed to be a good starter one

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  2. Guess I’m not ready for kombucha yet 🙂 The Big T makes it and likes it, but I’m not a fan.

    While I am a fan of avocado, I only eat them when they are truly in season locally. Their year-round availability means huge food miles that I try to avoid. Even here, their intensive need for water is worrying, and globally, the impacts of their popularity on the environment and the countries that produce them not good:

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    1. Wow Su- that makes sense and it does not always feel natural to have certain items year round –
      I will check out the art Ike you shared
      And I am curious about the kind of kombucha the Big T makes – I feel nervous to try making it myself

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      1. It’s really easy to make, but I think he leaves it too long before bottling and it’s a bit acidic for my taste. He started experimenting, but is away so much he can’t really give it his full attention.

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  3. I haven’t met a kombucha I really like, but I’m all about kefir and apple cider vinegar. I swear apple cider vinegar changed my life. Years ago. And I’ll never give it up.
    I’ll try your brand, see if I hit a win 🙂

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    1. Hi Joey – 😉
      And I have heard many folks say that about ACV – and I try to have it on salad – and need to maybe take teaspoons – I have heard that it is similar to kombucha in the live organisms and enzymes (esp if it has the mother and is not over processed -eh?) and I think the “trilogy” one from GTS – and I do like it better with food…

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      1. Yeah, ya gotta get the unpasteurized mother acv. The reduction in my inflammation (RA) from regular acv intake is remarkable. I added kefir later which I think of as a bonus, and I don’t consume it consistently as I do the acv, but the acv is crucial to my wellbeing. Like, I got off two meds because of acv.

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  4. I read this with such interest. Kombucha is all the rage now in Australia. I bought a bottle of it once…and did not like it. Wasn’t a huge fan of the taste, and it kept me up almost all night. I do remember it was flavoured. Maybe it’s an acquired taste.

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    1. Hi M! I have had some kombucha mess with my sleep too- learned a lesson to not have too much after 4 pm !
      And my husband said it reminded him of craft beers (minus the high alcohol and barely and hope) but in the way it is brewed and made custom with additives. My least fav is mango- too sweet! Guava goddess is sweet and tart and sour – and my fav is gingerade-
      And so try at least ten kinds before deciding for good


      1. Enjoy your kumbucha responsibly, Y. You might not get to sleep for a while if you have it at night 😉 Maybe I will give it another go. Maybe I might like plain kombucha but then again, it comes in so many flavours.

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