TIME for Heels (DAY 1 of December Squares)

Hello Readers, 

Becky B’s square challenge has started and the December 2018 theme is TIME. 

My take for Day 1: 

A time for sneakers and a time for high-heels


Care to join in with Becky’s Square Photograph challenge?

Go here and use the tag #timesquare





Priorhouse blog 








19 thoughts on “TIME for Heels (DAY 1 of December Squares)

  1. I see couples like this all the time, not usually two women. The man looks like it’s any other day, he’s left work and picked up his date, who is clearly on a date, having made an effort to look fresh and appealing to the guy who is completely blase about his own appearance. And then there are the variations in what is comfortable per person — I have similar ponderings sometimes while I watch shows or movies. It’s so cold the dude needs a jacket and an overcoat and a scarf and a hat, while she wears a silk blouse and peep-toe shoes? Is he a pussy about cold weather? Is she from Iceland? Who is on wardrobe, here, people?

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    1. I really enjoyed your comment and sorry it took me a bit to get my reply –
      You are soooo funny!
      And I know what you mean about the diversity in couples – even tho these two ladies were just passing each other when I grabbed the photo…


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