21 thoughts on “Photos from Destin, FL (Wednesday Weather Vane)

    1. Hi BB – the butterflies were all over near this beach – small darker ones closer to the water and the bigger (nkt that big) orange ones were farther out –
      And yeah – most missed it and many just took them for granted –
      And I actually wrote a little
      Poem when one little dark butterfly was heading out to sea
      Like where was it going?

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  1. Fabulous weather vane! I love pelicans. We watch them flying by the beaches when we go to Jamaica. Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge. I’ll include a link back to your post in next week’s challenge. Thanks again!

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      1. I won’t see any, and then I’ll find a cluster in one area. I think it is a traditional decoration people put up when they are reminded by vanes on houses or buildings near to them.


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