Time for City Streets (December Squares Days 5 & 6)

December Squares Day 5 (Miami, FL – July 2018)

December Squares Day 6 (Richmond, VA November 2018)
Which Way? (November 2018 Richmond, VA)
This cityscape print was just sitting on the side of the road (in YBOR City, FL – December 2018). Curious as to why it was there…


Wishing you a nice day…


Care to join in with Becky’s Square Photograph challenge?

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16 thoughts on “Time for City Streets (December Squares Days 5 & 6)

  1. These are wonderful, Yvette. I love cities are night. The top picture is my clear favorite. I love those angled rays. At first, I thought it must be a cable-stayed bridge. I don’t know what gave that effect, but it’s amazing.


  2. So many good ideas in this post Yvette. Why was it there? That is something we would do. Just put something out and wonder what happened to it. We always believe they would go to a good home 🙂

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    1. Hi BB – my cousin (young millennial) said it might have been part of an artist’s project- in that little area there is a big art crowd – and I wondered did maybe a camera was rolling to see how people reacted. I looked at it and touched it –
      Anyhow – I learned that this area is less artsy and more party like after 11 pm –


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