Sunday Trees (Holiday Edition)

Hello – joining with Sunday trees today.

these are all the trees I saw in one afternoon in December:








My mother-n-law’s Christmas tree:


Circle – one word Sunday
Peace to you today….


How many trees have you seen in one day?







40 thoughts on “Sunday Trees (Holiday Edition)

    1. Hi YC – on this day I did visit a few places and did you notice the topper on the tree in the 6th photo? It is a mini explosion – this is kind of a trend right now – forget the angels –
      Forget a star on too if the tree –
      There are these greenery floral displays now –

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  1. What an amazing collection of trees from one afternoon. Just 2 trees, one at church and the one in our home that I spotted today. The one at church we decorate with new or gently used hats, scarves and mittens and in the new year in January (typically the coldest month of the year) we distribute those donated items to the needy. The tree at home we put up today, but is still awaiting decorations.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Yvette! 🙂

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      1. Hi Yvette, without the lights and tinsel the tree might not have the “wow factor” like the trees you captured in your photos. But to me, as the tree gets more and more hats, scarves and gloves, it could not be more beautiful. We are only a small congregation, so it is only half size, around 4 feet tall. And by the time Christmas comes around it will be quite full! 🙂


  2. My preference goes to the 6th one down rather disheveled and unruly saying “peace on earth”. thanks for sharing. Going to town tomorrow. I’ll try and bring some photos and join your Tree community.


  3. Love the trees, and ornaments as well!

    I tossed with buying a white Christmas tree this year and dressing it up in funky colored ornaments. But instead, I went with no Christmas tree. For now anyways . . .


  4. Thanks for the chuckle – loved the joke the trees told…adorned or unadorned. The trees are all magical! I hope you had an awesome Christmas, Yvette. Can you believe January is soon to be over already?


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