Two-for-Tuesday (Bikes and Phrases We Get Wrong)

Happy Tuesday Readers 

I have been trying to grab some bike photos for a few months now (I have been inspired by some bloggers and their bike photos – esp. some of Sue’s last year).

I only have a handful of bike pics so far. One photo is this pair of bikes – where the fancy whitewall tires caught my eye (and I thought of those big Caddies that used to sport whitewall tires)

Winter park, FL 2018 (history of whitewall here)

Because it is Two 4 Tuesday – here are two more bikes. 

Is that a white wall on the back tire? (how eclectic):

Cocoa Beach, Florida 2018

The next photo is what I call “Resting Blue” – or maybe “Quiet Busy” – because there is a lot to take in. 

Richmond, VA 2018


There is a trinkets store in Winter Park, FL that sells old postcards with artsy patches stapled on – so you get two items for your single purchase: 

Oh, and have you seen these disposable chargers with little phrases tagged on?

“Don’t Panic”


“Chill, babe. We’re good.”

Speaking of phrases…

found this little chart last week and a few of these really stood out. 

#14 reminds me of Buffalo, NY folks who sometimes say, “You’s guys” (and down south some say “all y’all”)

#24 I had wrong because I prefer to say “hone” and not “home” – but I get it…


#19 I disagree with because I have completely accepted the word “conversating” (and even used it for a book title two years ago) 


Here is one more phrase people get wrong: 

Just Deserts vs. Just Desserts

I got this one wrong.

I mentally added the extra “s” and read it as “Just Desserts.”

It reminded me of something like an Aha! moment – a time maybe when desserts were a plenty  – like one of those parties where it was all gourmet desserts- ya know? A happy, celebratory type of time?? 

However, taking off an “s” gives us “desert” … to give us “Just Deserts,” which means “that which is deserved.”

From here I learned that “just deserts” is a phrase rooted with the “last refuge of an obsolete meaning of desert—namely, something that is deserved or merited. But because most modern English speakers are unfamiliar with that old sense of desert, the phrase is often understandably written just desserts.”


What about you? Do you have a phrase on the list that stood out to you or reminded you of someone? 

Do you have any good bike photos? Need a postcard and patch? – if so, let me know and I will send you the address for the store. 

PS Remember: “Don’t Panic”  “Chill, babe. We’re good.”


Priorhouse blog 2019

update – had to share this other patch and post card with sorryless blogger









23 thoughts on “Two-for-Tuesday (Bikes and Phrases We Get Wrong)

  1. Oh yeah! The stand out is that I can’t slang, pouts now. Laughs. As to bikes I deplore those behemoth beach cruisers with the set of white walls so I can cruise my miracle mile (billy Joel – that’s not that is rock n roll to me!)

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    1. Hi starman – I love that you mentioned slang because a huge part of the phrase last that we get wrong and then maybe “keep wrong” and then MODIFY – well it reminds us that language is alive and has a pulse as it grows and evolves
      And I think I know the Bikes you are referring to – ha…0

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  2. I actually have quite a few bike photos. I guess that comes from being a cycling family 🙂

    I think we all have our quirks in bastardizing certain expressions, but ‘you’s guys’ makes me cringe every time I hear it 😳

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    1. I LOVE many of your bike photos (( and you also provide some with you on them))
      And yeah – I try not to cringe – I think the reason I don’t is because is feels so culture rich and I feel
      Connected to childhood roots to hear it – even tho I don’t recall saying it – I am sure I did – but when I visit and hear them it is super noticeable

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Extract revenge? That one made me laugh out loud. What… your Vanilla Extract is sitting on a cabinet shelf waiting for you to open the door so that it can spill onto your counter, splash onto your clothes? Is that the revenge it’d exact?

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  4. I like the bike photos but I’m curious about the building in the first one. It sorta looks like some futuristic medical facility. And yes, I sorta like sorta better than ‘sort of’

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  5. I guess the famous Venus de Milo, you know, the one without arms, would be a good example of a statue of limitations 😉 Sorry, I got a chuckle out of a few of the “wrong” ones, though a lot are just mispronunciations, not saying the wrong thing.

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    1. Laughing pretty good with the first part of your comment – (exhale with soft smile) sonthanks for the humor –
      And yes – I believe you are correct – a mispronunciation applies to some –

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  6. Prior,

    The whitewalls on that bike look fluorescent!

    As far as those sayings . . THAT could be a post. I picked one, not easy. I use “exact revenge” because extracting revenge seemed . . . wait for it . . . too vanilla.

    And I love those funky patches on the postcards, what a great idea!

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    1. Hi – too vanilla – bwah (Drum sound hits) that was good –
      And the tires do seem to be extra light – you are right – they look pretty new…
      And I have one more picture of the postcards- it had a guns and roses patch – I’ll try and share it later – ecauee on that one I got both sides of the postcard – the patch and the front postcard art

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      1. Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here all week . . .

        Those white walls have a glow in the dark quality to them, where you wouldn’t need reflectors at night.

        A GnR patch would look pretty cool!

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  7. Wonderful post! Winter Park looks pretty with or without bikes. I’ve only driven past on I-4, but must take a closer look soon.

    Weve got a bikey thing going on in our family too, though some of us are more reluctant than others. 😊

    One of the phrases I was surprised by was, “you’ve got another think coming.” I have always heard or misheard it as “thing,” and I think “thing” is generally used, at least where I live. The word “think” as a noun sounds very archaic to my ears.

    I think there are a couple of regionalisms in the mix. I have heard “aks” even on tv and radio and My understanding is that it is a colloquialism used casually by many within the African American community, but not as frequently (though increasingly more so, as a matter of pride) in formal situations, including those including whites. ”

    “Correct” in this case depends upon context, and intended effect, and the listener’s perception of the appropriateness of that use by the speaker, and whether the speech is written or oral.

    I remember recently hearing a black comedian lament, on how exhausting it is, to always be adjusting your speech to adapt to the (white) people around you. Having lived in a foreign country, I can empathize and I get how much energy it takes, to constantly translate.

    And of course we’ve all heard young, white, more or less suburban, self-styled rappers and fans borrow –whether graciously or tastefully, or not–African American phrases to appear more a part of that crowd.

    Also the phrase that starts with “on”. Southerners often use idiosyncratic prepositions, which I found maddening, when I first moved here from Up North.
    Putting “up,” as in “put up those dishes!” Comes to mind, whereas Up North we would say “put away.”

    I have now come around to the opinion, that we must fiercely cling to these things that distinguish us as a region, since the homogenization of language,in my view, is no good thing.

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  8. Well hello Andy pop! Thanks for your Lingustical share…
    Enjoyed every part and still chewing on some – like I did not know about the put up the dishes he put away.
    Ahhhh so much diversity within each state – and then as you nite – acoross regions.
    One reason I liked Denver so much back in the day was because it was nothing like the south- oh and I used to “love” winter park back in 1990 (before I moved to Denver) I thought it was the best part of central Florida and well – now in hindsight I see how horrible it was to live in Florida and not be near the coast – and wish I went Coastal sooner –
    Again / thanks for the seasoned insight (writers are so cool cos they often know all this extra sociology stuff – well
    Some do – like you… ha)


  9. I think I saw something about bikes over taking a country and it turning out bad because there was no place to park them. So they were free to ride and take but when the person didn’t need it anymore they were just thrown aside. Pictures can be found of this online with an area even being turned into a junk yard of bikes. All good to ride but no place to park or even keep, strange right?…


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