Changing Seasons – January (flowers and January Birthdays)

Time to join in with the Changing Seasons challenge (here)

This first photo is a flower picture that sums up my month: filled with flowers — also busy, alive, and packed full.

When I say “alive”  – I really mean that.

Not just personally alive with a heartbeat 

But this month I felt a lot of humanity connection.

I guess I have a lot of months like this, but I helped a person in the street who was hit by a car (that was life-changing and I hope to share more about it). 

Also, I had some folks pass away at the end of last year and so that underpinned the appreciation. Then the heart gets tugged with aging parents and knowing they will not be around forever.

Well they could outlive us, because we just never know what a day will bring forth, but in January I MADE TIME for family… My FIL is at a new retirement center (in our area) and did you know that some retirement centers have fresh flowers delivered every week (donated). It is such a beautiful treat –  so life-giving. 

So yeah, in January I made time to stop and photograph smell the flowers: 

January also had some birthdays to note: 

Shanna Frazee (readers might remember the awesome young lady I met in 1995 — posts are here and here).

January also had birthdays for Laura W., Chrissy C., and R from Delancey Place (here). 

If you had a January birthday – I wish you a belated happy birthday. 

Oh – and January was also Sade’s sixtieth birthday – so let’s end with some Sade: Soldier of Love

and Feel No Pain

Go here for #TheChangingSeasons

and thanks to Su for hosting 



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34 thoughts on “Changing Seasons – January (flowers and January Birthdays)

    1. HI – well I did forget to mention exhausting at times and how I went to see my mom in FL and slept 12 1/2 hours my first night there (like a teenager).

      and so nice to “see” you – be over to visit soon

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      1. I´m just drunk……kidding.
        Not a good day really, for me, I did buy my mommy two things, it is the ¨fiestas¨ here, so instead of me buying bullshit, I thought to buy thins for the mom. So that actually it was a good day, she did like what I bought her, or so she says. My point, for me this was a good day, apart from freezing my ass off in this town.


    1. Hy Ally, you are pretty smooth yourself – and that is a top song for me…
      A local DJ featured Sade songs on and off all day on her actual birthday (1-16) and i am amazed at how stable she has been across the years

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  1. My, but you have been busy! Sounds good, though. Such beautiful flowers and very thoughtful on the part of the donor. I enjoyed Soldier of Love! Here’s looking forward to a fab February! 🙏💕


    1. Cheers to the February and the fab part.
      I think stores get to write off the flowers that way – Trader Joe’s gave them to his last place – and they sure do add so much beauty to the retirement centers where people in all kinds of modes.

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  2. Thanks for the lovely flowers!! I enjoyed spending time in Arizona with my parents, then came back to the Polar Vortex. 🙂 Never mind. It will be warm tomorrow and I had plenty books and hot tea. Enjoy your weekend!


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  3. I think it is rather a lovely idea to think of the month as a bouquet of flowers. Our January has also been fraught with the death of a friend’s teenage son and then the birthday of my youngest son who turned 13. A rather mixed up month.

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  4. Very cool that you were able to connect with others, I’m sure it was a rewarding experience my friend. Stay positive cause the world needs it more then ever and you are now a gem 😎👍


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