January Beach Shots (Cocoa beach, FL)

Happy Saturday Readers, 

Today I have some January 2019 beach photos to share. 

fish anyone?



SLIDESHOW with a few extras:


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And then I came home to this (brrrrrr):

Hope everyone has a nice Saturday. 








55 thoughts on “January Beach Shots (Cocoa beach, FL)

  1. Wonderful photographs. They made me warm…for a moment. It’s going to get warmer in a day or two, but today there is still snow outside my window.

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  2. So that’s where our herons go in the winter! Good choice on their part, I’d say, but they seem much less spooky around people than they are here. Must be being on the beach in the sun. 🙂 Almost warms me up to see the photos, until that last one. But hey, it’s going to be 40 today and in the 40’s the next several days, so I can’t complain. I’ll just wear hip waders as the snow melts. 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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  3. I love the shots of the bird (is that a Heron) standing – he looks so strong. The ice at the end is beautiful, too. It’s always dangerous when we get freezing rain, but it looks so pretty,

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    1. Thanks Dan – that heron was strong and I guess someone had just given him fish – and then the fisherman offered him shrimp (tossed it) but he didn’t even sniff it –
      Only wanted fish
      And I loved being close to the bird and the cool

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    2. Same here – and actually had the most amazing seafood salad (crab white fish and lobster) last week – but now I am done for a while – seafood is great but for me I like it a few times a year (red meat and veggies is my fav)

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    1. Hi – I hope I did not make you miss Fla too much
      And the reason I did not turn around and Cat h a flight back to fla was because even tho there was ice in Virginia and snow – the warmth of family and friends is here —/ ahhhhh

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  4. What a contrast Yvette. Here I was thinking that you must have gone away to the Caribbean or some exotic location. Then I realized that it can’t have been the same area! I love the wooden path down to the beach. Reminds me of our coastal spots here.

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    1. Hi Amanda – and i was just thinking about you and then you came up – spooky cool!
      and if you look closely – my mother is sitting on the bench in that photo.
      I was very grateful there was nice weather while there – sometimes January weather in Florida is chilly – so very glad to get some sun to make some vitamin D

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    1. Well now that you mention it (and you sure know Florida wildlife ) i think of them as coastal vs beached like this one is – and this little heron liked people – pretty unusual – and cool

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