One Word Sunday: Night

Whew- Atlanta’s highways are massive…. (Summer 2018)

The gate at Mezeh… (if you don’t know, Mezeh an awesome Mediterranean Grill)

That door shot above, with our fashionista getting down, reminded me of a time when I was teaching a Positive Psychology workshop.

I said,  “Okay, so remember SWB stands for Subjective Well-Being  – not to be confused with SWV, which stands for Sisters with Voices.” 

One guy nearly fell out of his seat because he thought it was funny.

I was not even sure if anyone would know the reference (SWV are early 1990s R&B singers) but he knew, he got the humor, and it was a nice connection. I still smile to think of the story. 

Here was one of my favorite songs from SWV

Oh and to read more about the SWB, subjective well-being, go here  ((Subjective well-being (SWB) is the scientific term for happiness and life satisfaction—thinking and feeling that your life is going well, not badly.))

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29 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: Night

  1. Interesting link to the research there. Life going well, not bad, and after a while circumstances around you might not affect your happiness too much. I guess it’s a choice; maybe that comes from detachment too, or maybe having thick skin. Interesting food for though again, Y 🙂 Have a good week ahead.

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    1. Wel you wrote some dense sentences there Mabel, which reminded me of your seasoned background in the wellness topic (and your mention of positivity and health on your blog and in your book chapter)
      And your comment also reminds me of the balance and the timing –
      for everything there is a time –
      A time to detach for a while
      A time to have thick skin and let understanding filter the situation
      A time to say forget about the cup being half full or half empty –
      Let’s just remember the cup can be empty – have a few ounces – be half full – or overflow at times – and because of this constant fluctuation we will have learned optimism and find ways to stay grounded as cup levels change all the time….

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      1. A lovely little poem, Y. I like how you say to forget the cup being half full or empty. Once I read some where we should just be greatful to have a cup in the first place, and go make magic with it 🙂

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    2. Agreeing with Mabel, though I would like to add that Yvette has a pretty good musical taste and a discerning philosophy about night life, speaking of which, I would like to introduce you to the Jazz Funk group called SHAKATAK and their composition “Night Birds”.

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  2. I like the photo of the gate to the restaurant. It’s inviting. I laugh with you about finding a kindred spirit who got your sense of humor. I’ve never heard of Subjective Well-Being before, but I read the linked article and am interested. Will be pondering how happy I am today.

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    1. Well your comment made me a bit happy just now and I appreciate you making the time to visit my blog – and comment
      And that gate – well when it shuts it rattles the whole patio – they might have fixed it but I was dining outside there last summer and we grabbed a little video (I’ll see if I still have it because it is really funny- the quick slam of the gate makes your heart jump )
      And with the guy getting and reacting to me out of nowhere joke made me feel pretty witty too – hahh

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  3. The photos and the link to SWB prompted a like. I followed up on the SWB link and it was no surprise to me I hit the Jackpot on all assessments for happiness. 🙂 that prompted a 🙂 reply. .


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