Stream of Consciousness Saturday: LY ending (more books gone and Michelle)

Hello readers – and Happy Saturday. 

The prompt for “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” is “ends with -ly.” Linda invites bloggers to “start your post with any adverb that ends in “-ly.” Bonus points if you end with an adverb too. Have fun!”




Especially glad to be joining in with Stream of Conscious Saturday (#SoCS). My first time joining in. I opened my blog and quickly started the post. I have been wanting to join this challenge for a long time now – because the Doobsters used to join in (Hi Doobs…) and Joey and Dan Antion have been doing this challenge for a long while. I almost blew it off. “Next week,” I thought – but before we know it, next week will be here and I might put it off again.

So let’s jump right in.

February is turning out to be absolutely nice. After a whirlwind November, December, and January – it is nice to ease into February.

The only news to share is that we are redoing our guest room. We picKed Sage  green for the walls and so far it looks great. We also decided to get rid of this massive bookshelf that was in there. The hubs was delightfully surprised when I suggested it – and he even said, “no pressure.”  But I was ready. I am ready to make the guest room as minimal as possible – because don’t guests want more blank space when they visit? Or at least not this visually loud l, packed bookshelf that had a lot of boring personal books. That was the last room to have the floor redone and sigh…. feels great.  I have 21+ bags of books to disburse – and it is with pleasure I do this… it is a release. I am not just saying that – maybe three of the literature textbooks are hard to part ways with, but seriously, I could always get them again. I did save 1/3 of the books and they are now streamlined on a tall, slim shelf.

Sometimes less feels better. 

The other thing on my mind right now is Michelle.

Michelle was a neighbor of mine, back in 1991, when I lived in Florida. 

We went out a few times and sometimes I brought her (and her roommates) pies from the restaurant I worked at.

I vividly remember that the October I knew Michelle, the 1991 World Series was on and the Minnesota Twins beat the Atlanta Braves (4-3). I am not into baseball, but the series generated excitement and the Twins’-Braves game was the second in five seasons in which the home team won all seven games in the Series. And I guess that the 2013 Red Sox joined the 1991 Twins as the only teams that won a World Series one year after finishing in last place.

The reason Michelle is on my mind is because I was going through some photos I took in Florida in December 2018 and I found a picture of someone that looks like Michelle.

It was an early December visit to Orlando and I was grabbing some street shots and taking photos here and there. 

After my flight, I met a former student, Tasch, at a yoga studio – and it was the first time I took a yoga class in jeans.

It worked out fine. The jeans were worn-in and loose (and maybe could have split… oops) – and thankfully I had a long-sleeve, black t-shirt on that was also extra long around the waist. That saved me. The class was so good because it was my first class in like a week and I was strong and needed the stretching.  I found that I was adeptly moving through the poses – completely and easily (how is that for some “ly” words… ha).   There are times when yoga is less fun and other times when it is a complete indulgence – this was the latter.

So back to this month (February 2019)

Earlier this week, I was looking through photos from the last few months. I had taken a photo of that yoga room (think it was before our class) and this lady peeped out, smiled, and I think she said hello.

 Here it is:

Here is the thing. I think the lady in this photo is my friend Michelle.

I dug out a photo of Michelle from 1991 – a time when we went out with a few others.

I put the photos side by side and want to know what you think.

Sadly, I do not recall Michelle’s last name.

I just know she was really sweet.

She was finishing college to be a teacher and she was from Clearwater, FL or Hollywood, FL. I almost went lobster fishing with her one day – but that did not work out.

And when my ex-boyfriend, Darrin, took me to see Eric Clapton in Tampa –  Michelle came with us and she hung out with Darrin’s friend. The concert was okay –  but we had to leave the floor area because of all the pot smoke. Nothing against those who smoke – and I think it should be legal, but there are times when I just cannot be around smoke – especially in the 1990s. I just felt so sick from it. 

So anyhow, let me know what you think – do you think last December I unknowingly grabbed a photo of my old neighbor?

Is this maybe what she would look like almost thirty years later?

Let me know what you think – so look at the pictures – Slowly… (ha)


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18 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday: LY ending (more books gone and Michelle)

    1. Hi C – that is a possibility but it did seem like a professional hello and I am going to call the studio and see if a Michelle works there (or owns it) – keep you posted.

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  1. I’m not sure about Michelle – it could be, but I’m lousy with faces. Nice job on the prompt – I think you should join is more often. I hope you had fun.

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  2. Nope. I don’t think it’s Michelle. BUT I think the fact that you think it might be Michelle is a really good reason to talk to people who may have her name and a really good reason to post this photo. I used to work with Nick Smith. In the 90s. When FB came around, I stood no chance at finding my old friend Nick Smith. I knew he married Tiffany. Tiffany who? Who knows! I looked for him quite a while on FB with no luck. I posted a photo of the two of us together and lamented how hard it was to find Nick Smith. However, seven long years later, he looked me up on the web, found my married name and Friended me! Then I was able to tag him in that photo, so glad he found me! So maybe this will spur a Michelle discovery 🙂
    As for the bookshelf, I do believe in minimalism, less is more, EXCEPT books, lol! Also, I like to be a houseguest in certain homes because books can be found in the guestroom! But again, minimalism makes room for a lot of good energy to come in and swirl around, which I fully support!

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    1. Joey– that is a great story with Nick Smith – shows one of the many plus sides to FB and social media (cos so many folks are always pointing out the negative)
      and I know you are a book lover- and I also know exactly what you mean about having books in the guest room. When i was visiting my mother-n-law and her spouse last year – I had a few chances to read and perusing her bookshelves was fresh and offered options. Maybe I will put a small stack in that room just for that reason.

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  3. Your picture of the palm tree and the very calm sea behind it is so addictive. It has calming affect..

    Speaking of parting old text books. I have been doing that bit by bit for the past month or so. I can understand it can be hard to part them but you cross that line thing just moves along well.

    Hmm, I do not think Michelle your friend a long time back would like Michelle now. Both are sweet no doubt about that but they look very different (at least to me).

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    1. Hi YC – a little to the right in the distance is the launching pad for some of the shuttles – this photo was taken in Titusville, FL – and I painted a birdhouse right near this tree (there is a row of trees and some benches).

      And thanks for the comment on Michelle – and I “do” think it is her – I am going to make some phone calls to the studio next week. keep ya posted

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    1. Hi Jami – actually my friend, Karin, told me about Kondo a year or two ago – and I thanked her many times as it helped me clean out my closet. And parting ways with so many books (not the first time i have purged books either) but this is the least amount of books I have ever had (it was time) and I think a few factors led up to it and one was Kondo’s message shared a while back (Is this serving you – the energy, etc.)
      thanks for chiming in…..

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    1. You are so right – and it helped that I have some people in minds for certain bags of books – and it helps that it is time – tried to do it a few times but now I am ready

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      1. I think you have to be ready to do it, otherwise you will just move things around and not remove things. Giving them away does make it easier, whether that be to friends or to charity. If I see a better purpose for an item, rather than sitting in a cupboard collecting dust, I can rationalise not keeping it and let my sentimentality go. Have a great week, Yvette!


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