One Word Sunday: Red

Hello readers, 

Joining in with Travel with Intent’s “RED” Photo Challenge today:

When I was looking for some quotes, earlier today, for my hood ornament post (here) I found this Keith Haring quote about his use of the color red.

Keith Haring (1958-1990). American pop-artist, street artist with cartoon-like images placed on NYC subways and walls. I also like the way Haring used red with black and white – it is a fun trio.


I wanted to include a song in this post because it will be last post until next weekend (but I will be online to check in and say hello before that).

Keith Haring died in February 1990 and so I started there – seeing what songs I liked at that time. 

Nothing jumped out at me and then I remembered this song, House of Pain, which really tugged at my heart in spring of 1990:

Wishing you all a pleasant week as February moves along bringing us closer to spring – when the tulips will bloom once again..









27 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: Red

    1. Hi Yvette and YellowCable,

      Indeed, I concur that Chinese consider red to be good and/or happy, especially so during the Chinese New Year, when the two dominant colours are red and gold.

      As you might be surprised to learn, the Chinese New Year festival lasts for 15 days, as meticulously discussed in my very long and detailed post ((edited))

      Perhaps the festival can be an excuse for us to take a fortnight off even when we cannot afford to do so. 😉

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    2. Hi YC – and last week I read a lot of posts about the Chinese New Year (sound eagle has some great info especially) and learned that wesring red is considered lucky –
      And glad you liked the song – I know the old rock ballads are not for everyone – but I like it too and I can actually recall
      Where I was in FL (beaching it for the week) the first time I heard it – I was on A1A and the video was playing on someone’s TV and I stopped to watch and listen – 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

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    1. Well thanks for saying that Joey – I did not mean to but I think it has been my preferred post layout lately – the three parts – and not sure why – but I don’t need to know why – just gotta let it flow I guess

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