Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #33: NATURE (Color-Wheel Selections)

Hello readers. This post is to join in with the lens-artists photo challenge this week, which is to share photos of NATURE.

If you want to join in or see other photo entries, go HERE

For my entry, I chose images to go with the “basic” color wheel.

It started on accident.

I was selecting photos for this nature theme and noticed my first three choices had primary colors – red, yellow, and blue.

Then my mind went to secondary colors – and so I chose photos with purple, orange, and green.


Let’s start with secondary colors:

PURPLE: While beets can be reddish to purple, from betalain pigments, I felt as if these were more purplish. Do you agree? I bought these beets earlier this month because I was CRAVING some after seeing them at Publix. Seriously, I had to have them to juice.  I have not juiced in years. Maybe my body needed the antioxidants. I juiced them two days in a row – with carrots and some cabbage – and now I don’t feel the need to juice. Hm  

Now primary colors:





That last photo, with blue in the sky and clouds, reminded me of this old “traveling first class” image from Linda (thanks again for the fun pics this month). 

First Class 2018 (not much has changed over the years, but some larger aircrafts have beds…)

We discussed this question in a small group recently:

Would you rather fly first class (and get a pillow, cheap socks, blanket, etc.) or fly coach and have a row of three seats all to yourself?

(This question is for readers who do NOT have their own planes… ha)

My Answer: I would take the three seats in a row all to myself. 

What about you?



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33 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #33: NATURE (Color-Wheel Selections)

  1. I remember the time when first class had bunks. As in ships. On the Super Constellation. Late 50’s early 60’s.
    And I’m seriously considering shifting from coach to first or at least business. Planes have become too uncomfortable. 🙂

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    1. Hi – thanks for the comment – and I think they should go back to offering bunks like ships – esp for those who fly LONG flights – and I only fly short flights so a bit tight is fine- but I can see why you might need to make the switch – some seats are more cramped in than others

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      1. It’s the whole concept. Airplanes have been “geared down” by the MArketing people to push passengers to upgrade. My first flight was in a DC3 from India to Europe. I was 6 months old and don’t remember obviously. But I do remember propeller planes late 50’s or the first Boeing 707. Even coach then was better than today’s Business. 😦

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  2. Over 10+ hours flight first class has place where you can extend your legs. I guess you can call it bed. You are also in separate sort of box for yourself than sitting next to the person. It looks pretty cozy.

    The orange color picture is nice!

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    1. Thanks YC – the orange one was in a bunch of all white flowers and so it popped!
      And I think I know the leg room you are talking about – and whew – ten hours is a while and the legroom is important —

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    1. I know the spot you are talking about. I once volunteered to sit on the exit door row and met a cool guy coming back from Copenhagen – who also volunteered to
      Sit there – and we had a lot of extra room and good convo

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  3. I’m liking green and yellow. I usually purchase some kind of upgraded coach option that gives me more legroom. At least on domestic flights, I don’t see the value in flying first class.

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  4. I would take the three seats too. We often choose our seats in the back of the plane. Often the extra seat is empty and my husband and I can stretch out on the way back home. This makes me long for vacation again and it’s a long way away.

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  5. Great job on the colors! I’ve been drinking beet juice – according to my physician, it is the easiest and most natural way to lower blood pressure. So, maybe you’ll want to keep juicing after all? And, I’ve only been in a first-class seat by accident a couple of times, and I didn’t have to pay for it, so I’d say, coach all the way!

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    1. Thanks for sharing that about juicing beets- the thing I worry about is juicing fruits and getting too much sugar which is hard on the body – especially without the fiber – we used to juice a lot in the 1990s and some in the 2000s – and now I just might do it more

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      1. Hmm…from my understanding, natural sugar (low glycemic sugars) in the juices from the fruits/veggies is good for us, it’s the refined sugars added into other foods that are bad. But I’m no expert. And, the beet juice is far from sweet to me, it’s more earthy and nutty tasting – and like my doctor suggested, it’s good for the heart, too! Happy juicing to you!


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