One Word Sunday: CONTRAST (Purple-Yellow Flowers, Nu Shooz song, and Museum Selfie)

Today’s theme for One Word Sunday is CONTRAST. 

Here is my take.

Remember when I said I kept a few of the flowers from my V-Day bouquet? Well these are the ones I kept. Not only are purple and yellow nice contrasting colors, but the texture is different in the flowers – nice contrast with the smooth yellow and spike-purple. 

Here is a photo from last Fall that came to mind for contrast. This photo also reminds me of some of Debbie’s art pictures, including today’s post, which features the Bruce Lee house in China (here):

Doesn’t it look like the sculpture is taking a selfie? A little…

In closing, the song for the day is Point of No Return (by Nu Shooz in 1986) because the video has some contrasting colors – check out the shoes!  Also, because I used to love this song (and I Can’t Wait). 

The beat in that Point of No Return song syncs with how the above flowers make me feel. 🙂 

Hope the rest of your weekend goes well. 

Next week’s One Word Sunday theme is movement.
Upcoming themes are here, and previous weeks are here






22 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: CONTRAST (Purple-Yellow Flowers, Nu Shooz song, and Museum Selfie)

    1. Thanks Dan – stunning is a nice word – and I do feel like I was lucky with that photo – it took itself – well I used my phone and just wanted a down view – it came out that way on its own. And funny because I have tired some artsy shots and end up deleting most – so this was an easy “fall in the lap” pic

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    1. Thanks sorryless – I really did love a couple of songs from Nu Shooz and anothe think I like about the ol’ blogging (and other social media outlets) is how it gives us a chance to throwback 🎼

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    1. Oh wow – thanks for pointing that out- you are so right – it does – and I love when things like this happen / just coincidence –
      And thanks for taking the time to comment

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    1. Oh you are so right – I had to look up Imelda Marcus and do recall the corruption story in the news – and found this – about the shoes – thanks for your comment !!!


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