Sunday Trees (and Mountain Pose)

Hello Joining in with Sunday Trees #379 

The second photo of trees reminded me of Mountain Pose (TADASANA) because sometimes when we set up in mountain pose we imagine our feet have roots as we settle in and distribute the weight. Also, notice the first photo – with tree reflections – doe snot show the bottom of the trees – well maybe this is similar to not having awareness of grounding the feet.

But remember – we are not trees – we were meant to move.

And part of the “resetting” in Mountain Pose is so that we can do more standing poses as we lengthen and strengthen our body. (And this helps prevent injury later as well as keeps the energy flowing with homeostasis.)

So let’s move…. 🙂


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12 thoughts on “Sunday Trees (and Mountain Pose)

  1. I’m slowly getting into yoga so any pose that lets me stand still for a minute and breathe is currently my favorite. I’m looking forward to progressing, though, and becoming more flexible again (hopefully!).

    Lovely tree photo.

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    1. Well
      It sounds like you are on the right path – and remember there are so many styles of yoga and some argue about how many asanas there are – Hatha yoga has 84- I have heard of 64 – or 36 and just saw a chart that said 12 poses – hmmm
      And then how you flow through the poses can vary – and sadly too many people stay away from yoga because of a few experiences – and I really believe everyone can find their own groove with yoga – because we all need to work at breathing and then lengthening and strengthening guys body

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  2. Okay, I always enjoy tree posts, but these are special. Not a fan of palms, but enjoy the capture of the top, like it’s peeking over you and you catch it in reflection. Now the bottom trees, those are majestic and their feet are welcoming to me. All that loamy goodness decayed into the roots. Plus, moody light. Love.


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