Two for Tuesday (Pull Up A Seat)

Hello Readers – this Two-4-Tuesday Post is to join in with the Pull Up A Seat Challenge (XingfuMama).

art deco set, c. 1920’s
The chairs have pieces of sharkskin (shagreen) and also have with wood and upholstery. Made by Jean-Michel Frank, 1920.  (FYI: The Difference between sharkskin and shagreen is “sharkskin is the skin of a shark while shagreen is an untanned leather, often dyed green; originally made from horse skin, today mostly made from the skin of a shark or ray”). 

And just for fun – here are some more seat options… see anyhting you like? ha….

Somewhere in Florida










36 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday (Pull Up A Seat)

  1. All these old furniture has an aesthetic appeal, right?

    I feel, we are losing this aesthetic sense over generations…

    When we take photos of old structures and new buildings it’s quite evident.

    It’s been a long time since I visited your blog and let me explore it 🙂

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  2. I like photos of seats, chairs, benches… any old place on which a person could rest his or her backside. That being said, maybe not on the furniture in the last photo. I do have standards, you know!

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    1. Thanks Joey I Took three pictures of this yard and someone said I could have writing “anywhere” in Florida as opposed to somewhere – and your Americana comment fit this so well. I noticed even more after posting the pic – like even the “big workout machine” maybe a bow flex…but Americana fits it so well

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