20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (Moody Museum Photo and Scheel’s Taxidermy Cat)

    1. Yes – go away – but I thought it was a nice taxidermy
      A work of art to see it in person – and hard to see such detail at a zoo – ha
      Also – the paws on the branch are so beautiful (to me)


    1. I did not see it as creepy when I first posted it – just saw it as maybe yawning and crawling – but I can see why a few readers were creeped out – it could be viewed that way – but I liked the realistic texture

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    1. I am so sorry!! Did not mean to scare at all. But I was going for contrast (I think) on this wordless Wednesday – with the quiet curtain and door view and then looking up at taxidermy – but sorry for the scare

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