Time for Art #4 (Ruiz figures and Flowers in pink and orange)

Happy Thursday Readers. 

Today I have “Time for Art” post. 

Paper Mache’ Figurines by Mexican artistAbelardo Ruiz. Ruiz is known for his vibrant colors and big-eyed works of art. 

I like Ruiz’s use of color and pattern, but not sure I would want to own any of his paper mache’ works. However, they are vibrant and really stand out when you see them on display. Do you like his work?


The ragtag prompt was garden and so here are some garden flowers with colors that sync with Ruiz’s dolls. 

We have snow on the way and so these images bring a bit of delight. 

linked to Nancy Merrill pink photo challenge
Cee’s FOTD



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22 thoughts on “Time for Art #4 (Ruiz figures and Flowers in pink and orange)

  1. I do like the paper mache. I could stick one of those ladies in my house, but then I’d have to dust her, so no, no thank you. I’d rather see them than own them.
    I think I might need a bright and beautiful bouquet this weekend. I need to look at some color. It’s so gray and slushy here lately. I hope you’re safe in your snow.


    1. Hi – all rain now –
      And you made an interesting point – they psi could easily be split up – and one might look great on its own. And the thunk about art and trinkets is yes- some need dusting – ((And some people collect way too much stuff to where we cannot enjoy the items))

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    1. That is so interesting – wow.
      I looked it up real
      Quick and did not see too much (yet)
      But the Atlantic did say that the Disney princess big-eye look was a formula for depicting a look of onncemt amd vulnerable: (and maybe Ruiz just sucked at making eyes at the large round were easier – mayb??)
      Here is a snippet from the Atlantic (and thanks for your comment C)

      “There’s some research behind why the princess formula is so effective: Enlarged eyes, tiny chins, and short noses make them look more like babies, which creates an air of innocence and vulnerability. There’s evidence that adults who have such “babyfacedness” characteristics are seen as less smart, more congenial, and less likely to be guilty of crimes.”

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    2. Oh you are so right – just because someone or something is perceived as innocent is never always reality – look at at Ted Bundy – he charmed and smiled and had a neutral look – and was evil psychopath

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