Stream of Consciousness: CRITICAL

Hello readers.

Happy Saturday. 

The prompt for “Stream of Consciousness Saturday” is CRITICAL (go here #SoCS to join in).

Linda invites us to use “critic(al)” any way we’d like. 

First of all, it was critical for me to publish my “cake” post and the “Journey Tribute Band” post before today’s SoCS came out. 

Whew – I did that. And it felt great. 

I did not get to write my Cubano sandwich post but I will tackle that one soon (not critical). 


Right now, I am thinking about how sometimes people can be so critical that it makes other people guarded and on edge – and some do not want to ask questions.  I really like this sign I saw the other day: 

Did you know that how critical thinking in psychology is actually a good thing (a developed skill) and the acronym LEARN helps us remember the components of critical thinking:

• Look for multiple influences

• Examine alternatives

• Analyze the evidence

• Reasoned skepticism

• Notice assumptions

Also on my mind are the leftover flowers – the ones from last week – which are slowly shriveling up. 


Remember the 21 bags of books I parted ways with? 

One of the bags was specifically set aside to bring to Starbuck’s “give-a-book/take-a-book” bin. 

On Wednesday, I put all of the books in the bin – but then two of the books came back out. I sat and skimmed them – and then brought them back home; however, I am not being too critical.  Just books, right?

That is all on my mind for this SoCS. 

I know, I know – not one link, only three pics, and just a little more than 200 words. Guess I am keeping this critically short. 

See you tomorrow for One Word Sunday….










14 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness: CRITICAL

  1. Definitely I love critical thinking. I think you can be much more open minded…
    Yes, the sign is good and I like it. I used to tell some one who kept saying “Let me as a stupid question…” with “Just ask the question”. I was a little fed up with the remark for every question to ask.

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    1. I know! People ask that a lot – and I think the should get right to the point – and I like how the sign said silly and not stupid – it kind of takes away the negative label (silly sounds much better than stupid)

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  2. Our Society in general is critical and hated filled. That’s why I cut out the comments part of my writing Blog. Folks are extremely nasty and after being stalked by nuts and crazies I shut down the comments. People ask questions to find information that can be used to hurt you or turn your life upside down. Since I have my disabled brother to protect I no longer allow comments.
    I would Love to completely delete my writing Blog but it is the parent and attached to the photo blog. Learned the hard lesson that Sharing is not caring.

    As for my Photography Blog I allow Comments.

    I refuse to invest in evil and wickedness.

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing your comments – and sounds like you put a good boundary in place. I am so sorry you had the nite and crazies on top of some mean commenters – whew – that can suck the life out of us-
      And glad you did not pull plug completely 😉


      1. Yeah – I hear ya – and you will know when you need to do that – and sometimes taking breaks can help (just an idea) but try not to let it rob your joy or chase you away – ((unless it is what you want))

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      2. I’m too old for controversy and strife. What happened earlier was the final straw. A clear sign that my contributions are not wanted. Plus as I approach 60 it’s to use what little time I have on this earth for a better purpose. Let the younger generation fight. This world is theirs.

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      3. Screenshots of a few of my Samsung Fitness Steps Goals. On a few occasions I achieved over ten thousand steps! I’m really excited and proud since I turned 60 yesterday February 27th. I’m doing pretty good for an old Lady! Super Step Woman!

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  3. I hate it when I hear myself ask a stupid question. Oh, if I could suck it back in! I usually answer myself in front of people, so they’ll know I am aware of my own stupid question, and I’m never sure if that will live as long in their head as it will in my own! gah.
    Definitely no judgment about keeping two more books 😉

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