Everyday Architecture (Lens-Artist #35)

The theme for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is Architecture. Amy said she was “looking forward to seeing photos and stories of architecture.”

Here is my take:

 I like the interconnectedness of the buildings, trees/lights, tres green lights, curved arrow signs, front posts/verticals, cynder wall, and sky. This photo reminds me of this quote: “Architecture is the art and science of making sure that our cities and buildings actually fit with the way we want to live our lives: the process of manifesting our society into our physical world.”  ~ Bjarke Ingels

I also think that sometimes I take for granted the everyday architecture around me.

For example, this is the ceiling at the Orlando, Florida airport. I see it all the time and never really pay attention. I actually took this photo because of the tree – but look at the wonderful way they designed the ceiling. 

And in this next airport photo, I was grabbing the orange in the sunrise as we were waiting to depart from Richmond, VA.

Look at the sturdy walls and large windows – the architecture lets us FEEL the airport atmosphere.

linked to Trent’s weekly smile


This next photo I took last week for the lens-artists’ #34 closeup challenge, but did not get to create the post.

But it connects here. 

Look at the the strong brick and mortar.

It reminds us that not all structures are created equal.

When I saw this thin structure going up last Fall – it seemed well-made and oddly shaped.

fall 2018

Then, last month, I saw it again.  I think this is going to be a Self-Storage place. The rest of the structure is looking like this:

February 2019 (if there was a storm, I know I would go to that center area)


In closing, here is a quote:

“Architecture is really difficult. I realized that only very recently. It’s like music. You can enjoy it but — to know it — it’s a different story.” – Diana Agrest


Would you care to join in with the lens-artist challenge?

Go here, where this week Amy has taken us to Machu Picchu










48 thoughts on “Everyday Architecture (Lens-Artist #35)

    1. Thanks Amy – and was just telling Tina how your post stirred up a desire for “Machu Picchu” for many of your readers – thanks for such a nice exploration of it

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Architecture is cool. When I’ve traveled abroad most of my photos are of buildings and details of buildings (Sorry Norm, usually not doors). And I guess now you know – when you are in a small building, go to the stairwell during the tornado! That self-enclosed unit it pretty much disaster proof.

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  2. Neat take on the architecture challenge toward the everyday! I’m sure we’ll all be looking around with a more critical eye now. I also like the Orlando pic. That is a pretty mighty ceiling! And I like the Agrest quote. I love that to truly know anything you have to put forth a little time and effort – and generally you’re well rewarded. Cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes and speaking of the time and effort to “know” maybe that applies to your immersion in nature
      Feeling it and getting to know it more and more

      And thanks for the nice comment

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  3. We do take our urban architecture for granted, unless we work perhaps in construction, or we are architects. It is good to increase our awareness and really look around. That blue ceiling with the tree is stunning.

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  4. Beautiful picture of cityscape at night! Love those cool lights and about to get dark night sky (I think). The glow of the light on the horizon line is just awesome!


  5. That’s so true about taking structures for granted…especially when we see them often. I always wonder what I’m missing when my eyes glaze over and I don’t notice the details. It’s so easy to do!

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