One Word Sunday: Skull (Street Art and Pink Floyd songs)

The theme for One Word Sunday is SKULL

Here is my take, street art from summer 2018 (Richmond, Virginia). There are so many little things to like here – the token skull, drips, silver paint, the name MEL??? And check out the payphone.

The payphone in the street art is what really caught my attention.

So I wanted a song that connected to a phone – and maybe an older song.

I thought about Ring My Bell (here), Request Line (here), or a song came to mind that I don’t really like, but it played a lot back in the day, which was You Can Call Me Al (here).

Then…. I remembered watching a Pink Floyd documentary – many years ago (maybe Trent knows the name of the doc) – and the band members talked about the phone operator in the Young Lust track.

I guess that they did not know how many attempts it would take to get “live operator footage” they could use for their song.Β  A band member placed the call from the US to the UK and said he was trying to connect to his wife. They had it set up with someone ready to hang up when the call came through.

The first phone call did the trick – the operator believed him – and they were able to get perfect footage for their song:

At the 2:55 mark:

Yes, a collect call for Mrs. Floyd from Mister Floyd
Will you accept the charges from United States?
Oh, he hung up, that’s your residence, right? I wonder why he hung up?
Is there supposed to be someone else there besides your wife there to answer?
This is United States calling, are we reaching?
See, he keeps hanging up, and it’s a man answering.”

Here is the song:

These next two photos were taken right down the road from our payphone street art:

Mother did it need to be so high…?

Another song that comes to mind – you know, seeing that we brought up Pink Floyd and we have these robust brick walls – well one of my top ten Pink Floyd songs is Mother and so I have to add that here.

You know what to do – go get some headphones and….


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39 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: Skull (Street Art and Pink Floyd songs)

      1. I seem to have a lot to do these days so comments on post are brief and a lot of likes are handed out. Off to town so you are lucky to get an essay πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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      2. Well right on – and I was not being funny – because three words can sometimes say a lot.
        And further – we both know sometimes a short comment (or even an emoji) can be just what is needed


  1. Cool street art. I know several bands who have done recordings like that, though Pink Floyd’s may be the best. I’m not sure the documentary, though. I think I did see one on The Wall and one about the band in general (like a behind the music), but the only one’s I’ve seen recently were about their older music, like a great one about the album Wish You Were Here.

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    1. Thanks Trent – and I am not sure where or when I heard the doc –
      But I like most of the “behind the music” shows and the Phil Collins/genesis episode is my fav from that series

      Thanks again for chiming in

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      1. The only problem with Behind the Music is that they always tried to go into the commercial breaks with tease or cliff hanger, sometimes using the same one over and over. I recently watched the Genesis one and it was pretty good, but then saw a British documentary that went up to the “And Then There Were Three” that was so much better – it was an hour with no breaks and with more interviews and such. It was fantastic. And then, of course, I watched a concert from the early 70s and wow, Genesis wasn’t my favorite Prog Rock band, but for those two weeks that I watched these all on Youtube they were my favorite band of all times πŸ˜‰

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    2. Hi T – thanks for sharing about the two weeks – such a powerful share because it shows the power of music .
      It shows how we have these experiences that keep us fully alive and sometimes come
      Out of nowhere. We just do what we do and then we find a show or two and then…. we are moved. Truly a gift from God when it happens.
      I will try to check out the “and then there were three”- or at least put it on my list
      And fun that you would say “prog rock” because last week someone asked me if I had any more “prog rock ” posts coming (they liked the Post gutsy had some Rush) and it was nice to hear that term then – and again now –

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      1. Ooops, i might have said that wrong – I don’t remember the name of the documentary, but it went up to about the time that Steve Hackett left the band – they put out an album “And Then There Were Three”. They did a couple of more “prog” albums before turning pop… Not my favorite Genesis album, but still good.

        yeah, “prog”, “Progressive Rock”. Back in the day “Progressive Rock” meant something else, and people usually called what we today (starting mid 80s, I think) term the “prog” bands “Classical Rock”, “Art Rock”, “Symphonic Rock” or whatever. Bands like Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, ELP (Emerson Lake and Palmer), Camel, Gentle Giant, Pink Floyd (though they were on the outskirts), etc. Rush? Not as much (though they were from the earlier definition). Some thought early Queen was, but then they created their own thing… And bands like Styx borrowed very heavily from Prog, but most consider them (and Journey and Foreigner and Boston) “Stadium Rock”, which was an American hybrid of Prog, Heavy Metal and straight up American 70s style rock.

        Anyway, more info than you asked for πŸ˜‰ And music can be a very powerful thing.


      1. When I lived in Queens, we could pass stuff to our neighbors through a window. The neighbor’s wife used to bum cigarettes from my ex-wife. I’d just had them to her from our window to hers.

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    1. Well
      That is a fun memory to have – and another takeaway from your comment was a cuiture-rich phrase I have not heard in decades: “bum a cigarette” – whew – brought me back

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  2. Yes, me too that my eyes got caught on that pay phone. It looks 3D. The artist did the amazing job painted the phone as surreal look.

    The other street picture across looks so clean and there is a colorful wall painting there too.

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    1. Thanks for your attention to detail – πŸ˜‰ and that colorful wall is well done and seems professional whereas the phone wall seems a little more rebel (to me) and I had a little fun with that street art image (some Easter eggs)
      And now I am ready for a few days unplugged from the ol blog….

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  3. Two of my favorite things: Graffiti Art and Pink Floyd! Cool brick pic. And the payphone is amazing! I kept looking at it, thinking – Is she saying this is painted??? So cool. Reminds me of my favorite graffiti artist, Banksy. “Exit Through the Gift Shop” is loads of fun. And he pulled a great – it’s-street-art-not-meant-to-be-auctioned prank last year: Who is that masked man???? Thanks as always for the fun.

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    1. Hi – thanks for the link to the “self-destruct” painting that banksy rigged – I heard about it when it happened and now we have the link here. I do love Banksy’s art and on my other blog (one I did for a year as an exploration) well I have a banksy post (or did) I will see if I can find it.
      Oh and I i started reading your 30 questions post – had to pause but was LMAO with the shot of you two wide-eyed in the mirror –
      Be back by later

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  4. Okay, first I was all Ooh and Ahh about the art, especially the phone — dirty good street art. Then! I was all, YESSS! about the music. And then more YESSS! What a fabtastic post for my Tuesday night! πŸ˜€ FABtastic, I say!

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    1. That comment was the best part of my late Tuesday night (and you know I love always love ya so much Joey… so now I have one more reason…) but on a serious note – I think of certain bloggers because of their comments – and I still thtink of you and the author Josh (from what pegman saw) whenever I hear certain YES songs
      – and now – maybe Pink Floyd will bring you – Trent – Anita, YC and good ol’ Dan….. to mind – at least when I hear Mother
      And side note – the live version of Mother that ended this post – well it was my first time hearing it and I am surprised at how good it sounded

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