Becky’s Spiky Squares (Days 1 through 6)


Becky’sย  photography challenge for March 2019 is #SpikySquare

The rules are simple: Share photos of spikiness but crop your photograph into a square shape.

I decided to do weekly posts for my square photos this month.

Here is round one:

Day 1 of 31


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38 thoughts on “Becky’s Spiky Squares (Days 1 through 6)

  1. ‘Holy Spikes Batman!’ Love them. Sounds like a great challenge. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for spikes. Always great to have a goal in mind.

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  2. Gosh – that is a tricky theme. Steampunk indeed. It would make a good musical album cover. But I like the moose pic best of all. What magnificent antlers.

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