Two-for-Tuesday Neighborhood (Cars, Bricks, and Clouds for Lens-Artists #36)

The theme for the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is Neighborhood.

Tina, here, invited us to “celebrate the neighborhood – your own, that of a friend or loved one, or simply a place you’ve visited that had a sense of community and made you feel welcome.”

Welcome to the neighborhood post….

Seeing that it is Tuesday, I thought I would work in pairs (for a little Two for Twos-day).


First, the old Fan Neighborhood in Richmond, VA

Bricks, old chimneys, that tree and a winter sky….
Cool Blue Lights on the patio…

Second, two cars from around loved ones ‘hoods:

Third, two versions of the “paper mill from the bridge” in the Hopewell, Virginia neighborhood. 

Hopewell A.
Hopewell B,


Okay, so do you like Hopewell A or Hopewell B better?

Oh and here is a slide show with an extra couple pics added:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Care to join in with lens-artists photo challenge?

Go here for information and use the #Lens-Artists tag (with the “s” at the end).









38 thoughts on “Two-for-Tuesday Neighborhood (Cars, Bricks, and Clouds for Lens-Artists #36)

  1. Love your response to this week’s challenge! Great photos of the neighborhood and these cool cars. Cute welcome and goodbye sings! 💖🐣🐧💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi – that was my first i8 seeing too and I walked around it – hah!
      Now I am not so sure about the Pace car tho…. not sure what was up with that on the main highway….

      Liked by 1 person

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