What is Good for the Soul? (music, doors, tea, peace, etc. #SoCS)

Happy Saturday readers, 

The prompt for #SoCS (stream of conscious blog challenge) this week is to use the word “soul” or “sole” in your post. 

I missed the last two weeks and the first thing on my mind is that I still had an idea for Linda’s prompt two weeks ago, which was when she celebrated her five-year anniversary. I want to do a post about blogging, maybe share a few tips (what I have learned) and also share some blogger links and shout outs.

So that sits in  the back of mind – brewing – and maybe it will flow soon. 

Speaking of flow, my thoughts are now on today’s prompt. 

I am going with “soul” and my stream is feeling all visual and here are photos to help address this question: 

What is good for the soul?

Music gets inside your soul. 

The couple to the left was getting up to dance – and dance they did!

Having tea with a friend is good for the soul (thanks again, Jennie). 

It was Jasmine tea, not my fav, but the company was good and hey – it was warm tea on a cold December night….brrrrr. (food was good too)

What else is good for the soul?

Road Trips?



Sometimes the right road trip allows you to get you away –  feel free – be free. And then come home to your own bed. Ahhhh

What else is good for the soul?

Work is VERY good for the soul.

Someone recently shared (again) about the book called the Four-hour Work Week.

Sounds good and all, but humans were meant to work. It is SO good for us…. for our essence (and should I say it.. for our s….)

I know that some problems unfold with serious work displacement or when our career is not really aligned with our gift mix – or when we are underpaid, mistreated, or still hoping for the right fit –  but at the end of the day, work can fulfill and anchor a person. We were designed to work and sometimes we just need to sit back and be grateful that we get to work, because it does anchor certain parts of our neediness. 

Speaking of anchor…

I’d say that anchoring with loved ones is also good for the soul.  

I saw this family on the beach – getting ready for a sunset photo shoot. They were wearing the denim and white and standing back with my phone, I grabbed a shot. I think this picture is actually funny. Do I think if I stand back to the right just a little more they won’t notice me? Is it like the child hiding behind a tree and closes his eyes to hide even more – assuming nobody sees his body – even though he is larger than the tree trunk. I laugh when I see this picture and yes, laughter and humor is also good for the soul. 


What else is good for the soul?

PEACE is needed for the human soul. 

Now sure, “peace at any price” is wrong (and might not be true peace), but there is a peace out there that we can find.

And this next photo reminds me of “squirting out some peace on earth”

We could use some PEACE squirting out right now. 

Tina reblogged Micheal Scandling’s post (here), which offered some positivity to share – and that is how we all connect deep in our souls – sure – we are online to share and learn and have experiences- but sometimes we find condolences and thoughts that assuage. 

Thanks, Micheal Scandling (and Tina Schell) and good thoughts to ALL in NZ right now.

Author update: here are some New Zealand posts you might want to check out (#unity)

Jane Lurie here posted a post that moves the heart (the words, yes, but also the magical photography

JoyRoses13 also made a nice uplifting post about this NZ tragedy – here



Let’s see…

What ELSE is good for the soul?

Grabbing a nice photo of some DOORS for Norm’s Thursday doors challenge can be good for mine:

Through the glass… maybe we can see the contour of the soul? We all have one – so let’s nurture it. Let’s live. Let’s really live.

Not sure if this cheap furniture from Aldi’s is good for the soul – because it would really depend on the person.

But hey, when the name of the line is “Sohl Furniture” – it has a nice vibe to it – and gets to come into my post. 

What ELSE is good for the soul?

Purple Rain is good for the soul.

Well maybe not this colored cake:

yuck – all the terrible dyes that are likely in this mix. And did you know that artificial colors (even If FDA approved) usually have heavy metals in them and when we invest them – it accumulates in the body ….especially if we do not have enough nutrients, fats and oils, which help chelate heavy metals and toxins. So that is another egregious outcome of the lie of the fat-free diet! The fat-free diet robs the body of needed natural chelation material  – and a sick body can hurt the soul…


The Purple Rain I was thinking of  – is Prince’s Purple Rain song. 

Because as noted at the start of the post: Music gets inside your soul. 

 I think I have shared that the former blogger, The Doobsters, comes to mind when I think of Linda’s #SoCS (so do Dan and Joey – and actually – now I have a few more soul-nurturing friends after participating in this challenge) –

but Purple Rain reminds me of The Doobs because I once tried to share this song with him – and it was when Prince, the seriously creative soul, did not allow sound on any of his videos on YouTube. 

But now there is sound – and so Doobs – if you are out there – here is the song. 

And for all the readers – if you are in the mood – here is the song:


Care to join in or read more? Go here:

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS March 16/19

Also, I did not mention faith or God in my post today ((and the Doobs just loved when I used “PTL” – hah)) – but Anita’s Hope blog made a #SoCOS post that seems to be the perfect compliment to my post here (in my mind at least) because she covered the God topic in a way that I would have and she also used the “sole” – her post is here. 











28 thoughts on “What is Good for the Soul? (music, doors, tea, peace, etc. #SoCS)

  1. “Drop anchor with the one you Love” is a great saying. That’s a good way to honor your soul. On the other hand I don’t get that purple stripe cake mix. Why? This is a thing? My soul is not so sure about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha – yes – I am not sure about the striped cake either – but maybe it was a good marketing ploy – “hey mom – can we get purple Rain cake mix ? I mean – we Like the song and we are making a cake. We could honor Prince this was.” (Kidding)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. All those things you mentioned are good for your soul. I can also think of calmness is another one that is good for your soul. Oh, one more “doing the right thing” is really good to your soul. It is the kind of thing that you can keep it up in your mind when your were down . It can enrich your soul when it needs most.

    Ha, I like how you like your shadow in the picture. I think it is cool. If you like to remove it afterward, I do not think that will be hard too but keeping it there makes that picture stands than just the picture of the people there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YC- you are so right!! Loved this:
      “doing the right thing” is really good to your soul. It is the kind of thing that you can keep it up in your mind when your were down . It can enrich your soul when it needs most.”
      Well said and it probably could be elaborated on even more….
      Also – yes – I know how to remove the shadow – but it is my favorite part. The vertical it adds but more the mood – just this stalking photographer as a family
      Waits for a photo shoot and then far left is an actual beach wedding – I peeked a little but did not take any photos.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You covered a lot of ground in this post, Yvette. I agree with your choices. Books, travel, and tea (with or without friends) are all things that minister to my soul. And of course I love blogging and the Thursday Doors challenge as well. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend.


    Liked by 1 person

  4. I agree and love every single part of this. I love the photo of the dark highway. My favorite time to drive. I feel a road trip coming on….

    Love that little purple man, may he rest….

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Great post and lots of sense. Reading through, it seems as though there’s quite a lot that’s good for the soul. We should all do more of them. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks for the nice comment and you are so right – so many things are good for the soul – maybe we should keep a list to remind us – kind of like the gratitude lists people keep…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s a great idea – yes, I’ll write a list and pin it to the fridge door! 🙂


  6. I was in the mood for Purple Rain. The music, the movie, not the cake. Food coloring, so much no. I really wish we would go back to natural colors, beet juice in red velvet, etc. I know there is a movement, I just want it faster. Aldi and Fresh Thyme promise and I love that.


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