Becky’s Spiky Squares (Days #7 through #17) Green with Splashes of Teal

Becky’s photography challenge for March 2019 is #SpikySquare and she invites bloggers to share photos with “spikes, jagged grooves, pointy beaks, bristly seats, serrated edges, prickly nests, spiny trees, or even barbed relationships. Let your imagination go spiky, but don’t forget to stay square!”

I decided to do combined posts for my square photos this month and today’s post has days seven through seventeen.

Round one is here


Today’s post is round two:

Day #17: Happy 17th St. Patrick’s Day 2019

Here is the slideshow:

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Care to join in? Go here


Green Night Light (16)









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    1. Well
      Thanks Ruth – 😉
      And you can still join in because it runs all month – and I think I will do my posts in one final
      Installment (not sure) – but check out “the life of b” blog (link is in this post)

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