One Word Sunday: Homes in a ROW (Elements of Art and Catch Me I’m Falling song)

The theme for One Word Sunday is ROW

Here are some photos, fresh off the press, from this weekend:


The yard in front of this home caught my eye yesterday. I was thinking of Becca’s Sunday trees and then the two different stone SHAPES reminded about teaching the elements of art. The circle is a good example of a geometric shape and the free-from stone is organic. I decided to use this fun little yard-scape to show all of the elements of art. See the slideshow below.


The moss in this front yard reminded me about the MANY different types of moss here in Virginia. I have come to really appreciate moss. 


Have you ever heard of a Moss Bath mat?

Not sure I would want this – but fun idea (here) and could help with earthing (here).

Now for the elements of art slideshow:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the song for today’s Post:

Care to join in with Travel with Intent’s One Word Sunday?

Go here and check it out.

And hey – let’s close with a few comics…















31 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: Homes in a ROW (Elements of Art and Catch Me I’m Falling song)

  1. I like the picture for the prompt. That’s what I think of when I first think of row. The cartoons are great. I’m laughing about a moss bath mat. I’m thinking of what the cats might do to it.

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  2. Prior,

    I don’t know about that bath mat. I’d be willing to sink my toesies down into it, once . . see how it gets along with the territory. Beyond that, not quite certain it would be a fit.

    And hey! I remember that song!

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    1. Thanks for chiming in….
      That song came on in the store recently and I already had it lined up for a different post and so it was bumped up to this post –
      And same here – exactly as you say – I would sink my feet once and not want it in the bathroom.
      There are yards here in Virginia that have many different kinds of moss (lost of shade) and it is so artsy

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      1. Oh wow – hope they did have fun! And I would have invited them to Sunday night yoga – if you are ever in town on a weekend let me know


    1. Thanks so much for the feedback – and guess what- I have a post coming for you – wel I started it and it is third on my post “to do” list. Hint – I was inspired by your “trees in there reflection” droplets 😉
      Oh and glad you learned a little here today (even tho you are so seasoned already)

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  3. I love the “atmosphere” of row houses — especially in historic areas. I imagine how different daily lives and interactions were when they were very built and inhabited. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Hi M – the state of Virginia where I live has a lot of moss species – and while there are many – I do not know of any that is unsafe – in fact – most are extremely helpful to the environment and to humans –
      many years ago a lady from central Virginia (I think from chesterfield) was on a national TV show because she had so many varieties of moss that it blanketed her property – she walked all around and gave tips for propagating –
      And check out this info about moss :


      1. Thanks for the info and link, Y. Good to learn moss is helpful to the environment. That lady with a lot of moss in her garden must have quiet a garden, maybe even growing unique species 😀


      2. Hi M – the lady with the moss garden also showed how people can transplant small pieces to have them grow and cover new areas. She was the moss whisperer 🙂

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