Two-for-Tuesday (Art, Book Cover, Authors, and Lady by the River 1 of 10)

Hello readers,

April is here and it’s time to share about the Lady by the River book. 

This is a book project I worked on with eight other authors (Official page is here).

My goal for April 2019 is to share different tidbits about the book and I am also going to combine it with regular posts so it will be worth your time to visit. 

In a few weeks (date coming soon) however, if you cannot wait until the end of the month – you can order the Lady by the River on Amazon here





Pull up a Seat and enjoy the art….



I did not know this lady, but she was cool



Two Busts (both 1928) of Booker T Washington and Paul Laurence Dunbar. Made by artist Richmond Barthe (1909-1989)
Silver Flywhisks (early 18th century) – These were likely used to fan an Indian prince at court ceremonies.

A recent highlight, that made me smile, was finding a connection between  Forthemo’s art and Trent’s book cover.

I thought the images had similar bones (shapes, use of space in sync, and even a shared energy force)-

Can you see it? (they both agreed that they could see it). 

I put them together: 



I have been wanting to share Equinoxio21’s photograph (full post is here).

Check out these TWO street signs – and read his writing about them – you get a feel for his personality. 



Q: What is the Lady by the River book about?

A: Lady by the River is a self-help resource with stories of perseverance from nine different authors. The book offers personal testimonies, tips for coping, fiction, poetry, and discussion questions after each chapter. 

How the book came about:

I was in Florida, years ago

talking to a lady –  she was low

 was “done” 

no glow, life not fun

frustration filled her outlook

avoidance-mode, rut-hooked

 I moved on

left the river

with a shiver

Lady remained in my heart 

 gave this book its start

Lady by the River… 

was put together to remind us that we can overcome hard times

life IS worth living

Life is filled with ups and downs

yet we can stay stable, grow, find health 

The chapters in this book remind us to FIND support when we need it

To be supportive to others when we are able


To live!

Let’s choose to enjoy our life.


The two tag lines for this book are as follows:

Here are two wellness poems found near the end of the book:


During my April Lady by the River shares, I plan to share highlights about the process of putting the book together, lessons learned, author spotlights, 2nd edition details, and some tasty excerpts. 

Today’s Post is Part 1 of 10. Nine more to come – 🙂 

Order the book on Amazon here (or come back later for free Kindle Giveaway).

Thanks for reading

P R I O R H O U S E   B L O G














47 thoughts on “Two-for-Tuesday (Art, Book Cover, Authors, and Lady by the River 1 of 10)

  1. What a fascinating way to put together a book of stories. The theme is pertinent and easy to relate to. Anything that focuses of learning and growth is good by me. Also love your photo of Shakespeare and Gutenberg meeting, so to speak.

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    1. thanks a lot ally bean
      and Equinoxio’s street signs crack me up
      Shakespeare (late 1500’s-early 1600’s playwright) and Gutenberg (1400’s printer/pressman) are quite the pair!

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  2. I didn’t know about your book project. Somehow I had missed it. Sounds great. Looking forward to knowing more about it in those other parts.

    Interesting how Forthemo’s art does match up so well with my cover (which, of course, was original Trent art 😉 ).

    Thanks for joining in this week’s weekly smile 🙂

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  3. Looking forward to your April Shares, and what a worthy book to promote. I am so lucky to be gifted a copy and am reading it at the moment. The book is filled with inspiration for those moments when everything feels too much, filled with messages of determination, resilience and a pluckiness to overcome life’s adversity. Thank you Yvette for sharing it with me, and I am very happy to recommend this book. It is a read that one can come back to again and again.

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    1. oh wow – amanda – that was awesome to read – can I please use this in an upcoming post??
      and thank you for taking the time to read it and be in touch soon to check in more


  4. Cool… I’ll be back to read more… and hopefully enjoy the whole book!
    Yes, we can overcome… and life meaningful lives… me must just not give up!
    (I like the image merge too… imagine using another blogger’s image to see the connection… classy!) 😉

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  5. Thanks for the post AND the share. I know those streets well, worked and lived in that neighbourhood for many years. And it always made me smile to go from Musset to Homer and Socrates and Lamartine and Shakespeare… I felt I was walking – or driving – in a giant library.
    Take care.


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