Dazzle Photos and Author Shares for Lady by the River Book (3&4 of 10)

Part 1: One Word Sunday, #OWS, is Dazzle (here).

Here is my take:

I’ll dazzle you with these eyelashes — my dear… ha 


 Time for the third plug (3 of 10) for Lady by the River


This book might not “dazzle” you – 

But it WILL inspire 

It will edify

It will stir up some good things in your head

Here is what Amanda recently said:



Side note:

If you need some more doses of encouragement:

Chris and Cee have a blog with Pick Me Ups 


Part 2: Photo Talk

The next two photos remind me of why a book about perseverance, like Lady by the River, can be a nice addition to your library. 

Sometimes it rains. It pours. Or we feel this way inside – and we might have lost our joy. Well don’t stay stuck. Get up. Get up and get to getting what you need. Start by getting your copy of Lady by the River and read, read, and read. For your soul and mind – it shall feed. 
This photo reminds me of staying strong. The tall vertical lamppost stands out – amidst a sky that almost resembles the cover art for Lady by the River. This photo reminds me of a time when Joyce Meyer noted that “sometimes in life we will do our best to STAY STABLE.” This might mean less productive seasons so we can heal and rest. So stop comparing output! Stop comparing what you didn’t do or only thinking of all the great things you want to do – maybe less is what you need. You are not defined by achievements and sure – we have goals and want to have the desires of our heart fulfilled – but be slow down and remember that “we are not robots” and we have very real setbacks. We are not defined by any material success – it is loving others and ourselves that fills us up. It is laughter – touch, conversating, and appreciating beauty! Maybe it is time to focus on the mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes “staying stable” requires a complete overhaul of unhelpful thinking patterns. Lady by the River is a book that can help with that. This book has inspiring stories about overcoming hard times, it has poetry that will stir up some thoughts about mental health and address folks with neglected self-care. There are also counseling tidbits for practical ways you can live with purpose. There is a chapter with nutritional information and then some closing thoughts – which should saturate your mind with some positive stuff. Maybe you will even feel a sense of release as you join the authors as they have opened up and let you into their world.

_____ ______

Part 3: Lady by the River AUTHOR SHARES


Go to Amazon here



Here are the other author snippets:


You can get a copy of the book on Amazon here.



Lady by the River Authors

Mabel Kwong (here)

Sherri Matthews (here)

Chad Prior (here)

Kristin Rybrandt (here)

Mark Bialczak (here)

Jeffrey D. Simmons (here)

 Ana Linden (here)

Mahesh Nair (here)

Yvette Prior (here)

On April 12th, 13th, and 14th, you can download your free copy of Lady by the River?

P R I O R H O U S E 










31 thoughts on “Dazzle Photos and Author Shares for Lady by the River Book (3&4 of 10)

  1. Great dazzles, Yvette.And definitely a link in shape and sparkle. The butterfly is a beauty and the eyelashes made me laugh, especially as my niece had had extensions done and was moaning about the itching and inconveniences of eyelash extensions!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow – hope your niece manages them
      Well – I have never had any (tempted but cannot have anything foreign attached like that) but hope it gets more comfortable for her


  2. Loved being bedazzled, Yvette. The butterfly is gorgeous, but the eyelashes caught my attention because yesterday at the mall, we went into ‘Untuckit’ and the assistant there had the longest eyelash extensions I’ve ever seen. I was mesmerized. 🥺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi S – mesmerized is a great word for it – and omg – have the eyelashes gotten huge these days.
      We have been talking about eyelashes a lot at the priorhouse (will have to share more later at some point) – but it is trendy to have some “long and heavy” ones – I will stick to light 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I bought some light ones a few years ago but found that since I was no longer young, I’d lost the art of applying them, so I just make do with my own meager ones. 😅


  3. Ooh, you dazzled me! The butterfly is gorgeous! I missed so much in the months I’ve been away and I’ll try my best to add your book on my list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh hello and I have been thinking about you this spring – hope your break was refreshing and welcome back.
      I think I am due a short break soon –
      I have some monochrome madness photos all set for when I take a short break.
      anyhow, so glad you are back and if you do not get to the book this month – I have another give away end of May or early June

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It certainly was, Yvette! It was exactly what I needed and I plan to take another one soon. Well, I’ll be on the lookout for those photos. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it by month end be it God’s willing or sometime next month.


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