Two-for-Tuesday: Single Chairs & Cassava Flour Tortilla (& Lady by the River 6 of 10)

Hello readers,

April is here and it’s time to share about the Lady by the River book. 

However, FIRST – We have TODAY’S TWO-4-TUESDAY Pictures

Some chairs for Pull Up A Seat (here)


For Trent’s #Weeklysmile, this made me smile:

My husband made this Cassava flour tortillas (Cassava root is flour alternative that is gluten-free and grain-free). I wanted to share this because I was telling Su Leslie (HERE) about Cassava flour. The tortillas were REALLY good all alone – hot out of the oil pan. They also made a nice base – but ya know, I really do not even need to eat “bread or chip products” anymore. Whew –  I have gotten so used to eating a different way. It takes a while – but things change. We can change. Cassava flour tortilla ingredients: 1 cup cassava flour, few pinches of unprocessed sea salt, dash of baking soda, 1/4 c. of ghee and olive oil, and 3/4 c. of warm water. Directions: Mix and mold flat. Fry in pan with high-quality olive oil. 


Now for today’s book share:


I took this photo a while ago. The softness of the flowers on the hard ground caught my eye. The two bits of line paint in opposite corners added a border. But the shriveling flowers spoke to me. Sometimes people feel this way – worn out, exhausted – or like all they encounter is tough asphalt.  If this is you – maybe reading Lady by the River will offer encouragement. 

Lady by the River is a book that inspires.

This book should be on your “need to read” list because it lifts the mood and offers stories that move. It will also give you some practical tips for developing adaptive coping strategies and problem solving.  The content throughout the Lady by The River book will help you live a life that is more alive. 

 It is for sale on Amazon here.


Slideshow with Author Shares:

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Lady by the River Authors

Mabel Kwong (here)

Sherri Matthews (here)

Chad Prior (here)

Kristin Rybrandt (here)

Mark Bialczak (here)

Jeffrey D. Simmons (here)

 Ana Linden (here)

Mahesh Nair (here)

Yvette Prior (here)

P R I O R H O U S E   B L O G
















30 thoughts on “Two-for-Tuesday: Single Chairs & Cassava Flour Tortilla (& Lady by the River 6 of 10)

    1. right on – and the first time he made the tortillas they crumbled – a lot – and so he tweaked the recipe and found what worked – but you know how humidity and even water hardness changes – so it might take some experimenting


  1. Cassava flour tortillas look so good…
    I like your flowers picture. It really sends the message well. I feel a little sad and understand.
    Your last picture makes me smile.

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        1. oh nice – and I noticed that you did five days in a row – i was going to see what you recommended but then i felt to go with three days now and maybe two in May –

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        2. Yes, I did five days in a row, so I used up all the days available in a quarter. That was fine. I’m exploring other marketing ideas.


    1. woo hoo – I think you will like Lady by The River
      – and i will be by your blog later this week to check in with you because actually – i have another book to run your way – it is a “teen book” and i was going to see if you would be interested in reading – maybe over the summer – no hurry –

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      1. I do like teen “coming of age” books. I have a several books to read, hence the list, but I do get to all of them, eventually. 🙂 Please feel free to stop by and tell me all about it. Thanks!

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      2. well this one is for parents – and I actually put it together for a workshop I did on “encouraging parents” – and well – no more about it now – be in touch later


  2. Really like it when you share things that pique your interest, Y. Those are two very different chairs. The first chair seems like the kind you’d sit in the warmer weather, and the second one maybe when it’s not boiling hot or when you’ve come home after a long day at work. Looks like your husband made some delicious tortillas, gluten and grain free too. I spy some avocado and tomatoes…

    So lovely of you to share our book that all of us wrote together, and thank you for sharing a snippet of my part. I think I’ll need to re-read the book again sometime. You did a great job of bringing such diverse writers together, different stories with different messages but all such uplifting ones. I also really like the shriveled flowers shot. Goes so well with our book 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Mabel.
      I liked your take on the chairs – 🙂
      And this summer I will be mailing out the hard copies to authors – more details later.
      really appreciated working with you on this project – and I have five more promo posts this month – so I might be linking you once or twice more this weekend –

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      1. So kind of you to be mailing out hard copies to us, Y. It was a pleasure to be involved. I will look out for your post this weekend and later this month 🙂


        1. Hi M – well I want to maybe see if we can all sign a copy and then everyone will have a signed copy – but it might be too ambitious – but worth a try

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    1. Hi – thanks for the feedback – I like exactly how your worded it:
      contrast between simple and luxurious in the seats and screens

      and hope you have a nice day


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