The lens-artist theme is Delicious and Patti has a nice food post (here) to start the photo challenge. 

I know there are many ways to reflect on delicious  but I am going with food as well.

Here are some of my favorite foods lately.

Delicious, dense, immune building. 


1) Have you ever heard of Egg-Boxing?

Egg boxing is a “sport” (ha) where you crack two eggs together and see how long one egg stays unbroken (that one is the champ). My hubs learned about it from Mike Bruce, who learned about it from Peter Attia (here). Hubs had an egg reach 28 rounds. This is the kind of stuff that keeps life fun. Let’s lighten up and not be so serious all the time, eh?


2) Have you ever heard that eating too many raw almonds can make you feel sick? 


Raw almonds have hydrocyanic acid and if you eat too many raw almonds in a certain period of time – your body will not be happy. I disregarded this info (because I am thick in the head sometimes) and then Last July I was planning an event  – and on this day I was too busy to stop and get food and – I ended up snacking on raw almonds for most of the  day.  Why not? I mean they were raw and all natural. But I felt so sick – and even when I had other food – it was a weird feeling and I will never eat a lot of raw almonds ever again.  Also, if you do it raw almonds – be sure to chew them extra well. To make it easier – I just toast raw almonds (with whatever other nuts we have on hand). Toss them with a good sea salt and add in some healthy oil (olive or avocado oil) and bake for 12 to 15 minutes. Fantastic dense snack! 


3) Have you ever tried GT’s (here) Trilogy Kombucha?

I am not an affiliate with Dave’s GT’s in any way – but let me say that this is the ONLY kombucha we buy. All other brands are inferior (IMO). And we have had the chance to try many brands. And see the little floaties in the drink? – that is part of what is so amazing for you. And – when get around other folks who drink this raw and health-giving, immune-fortifying food drink – some call it “BOOCH” – but Whatever they call it – I call it deliciousness. ((Side note – our first attempt to make a home brew of kombucha only led to a moldy batch of tea – we will try again another time))



4) Have you ever added Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your water?

We need to get more healthy oils and fats into our body. And thanks to Magnesium Mike for the tip to take some shots of good oils – and in this drink the oil helps me get more from the vitamin c. This is not as delicious as GT’s Kombucha, but if you want a serious immune booster drink, try this: Pour a glass of water (ice is optional and I heard room temp is more ideal for assimilation – but this was a hot day). Add ascorbic acid (I like Thompson Vitamin C powder) then add some olive oil (avocado oil tastes better). Mix it. Drink it. Live it.


5) Have you seen this fun comic: 

We at Priorhouse only eat the very hard cheeses – and not too much. But this comic reminds me about how we are all different and how we each have different compositions and flavors. Reminds me of why a fish should not be jealous of a monkey because he has different gifts and different wiring. Humans are diverse and folks – we have to remember that “we are not for everyone.” Some of us are brie, others a blend of bleu, and some have that Swiss tanginess. Let’s celebrate who we are and not look out and always see what we are “not” – And this image also reminds me of how much God loves each of us – as is – for our uniqueness. Like the lady says to the cheese… “I love all of you”



6) Have you been following the Lady by the River book posts? 

Today is the second day of the three-day giveaway for Lady by the River: April 12th, 13th, & 14th at Amazon here.

Authors for Lady by the River: Mabel Kwong (here) Mark Bialczak (here) Ana Linden (here) Sherri Matthews (here) Mahesh Nair (here) Kristin Rybrandt (here) Jeffrey D. Simmons (here) Chad Prior (here)



Congrats Cavaliers Fans…

See the “UVA” on the building? So many of us here in Virginia are celebrating this win. Virginia Cavaliers are the 2018-19 National Champions!

Would you care to join in with the #lens-artists challenge?

Go here for general info

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24 thoughts on “DELICIOUS Lens-Artist #41 (EGG-BOXING, NUTS, & BOOCH)

  1. Love the comic Yvette 😀
    So interesting to learn that about almonds – I did not know this. I think the almonds that I buy from the store are roasted – but I need to check!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi C – yeah – I heard about almonds for a whole – like even right here on this blog – back in 2014 I did a “nuts” post and readers said to soak raw almonds. I sorta got it- but not really. And now I have a healthy “fear” and will only eat very few raw ones – and i chew them extra well – but this is one time raw is not better (and I heard some veggies are this way = better lightly cooked -like broccoli?)


    1. Hi leya – well glad you knew about the almonds – I think sometimes I just assumed “raw” was usually better – but sometimes lightly cooked or toasted is better 😉
      Have a good day


  2. I love all the cheeses. Even the stinky ones.
    Shot of olive oil every day, some say. One shot olive oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, some people do it every day. Some people mix all three and add it to ice water and chug it down.
    Almonds are probably the nut I like least. I eat them now and again, but I’d rather have walnuts, pistachios, pecans. I don’t know that I’ve had raw ones.
    STILL haven’t met a kombucha I like. Drink like medicine, same as above, but not like it.


    1. Well I hope you find a kombucha you like – I really do because it such a rw, enzyme packed and gut healing food-drink.
      🙂 But there are other things – eh- and you mentioned this little gem of a mix: shot olive oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar – and I think i will try it.

      Liked by 1 person

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