Monday Morning Blooms

Happy Monday Readers, 


This is the weirdest little bunch of flowers I have had – but I like it too – different can be good.
And from this angle you can see the rose is all hiding – 🙂 feeling a little shy (maybe after promoting a book for a week it was time to pull back and rest in the green)





Are you in the Mood to explore some more FLOWER POSTS?

Viveka just shared (HERE) this fun Bataille de Fleurs post. 


Part 2 was a table scape but I was ask to delete it (Mea culpa) – so here is a replacement:






Have a nice day










20 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blooms

    1. well thanks YC – it was weird to me the way the greens were all over the rose and then the two roses flopped to the side – so I guess as opposed to a bouquet that is balanced and well-arranged – do you know what I mean? maybe I should have said “different” and not weird

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  1. That BW image with the floral arrangement on the circular netted coaster juxtaposed against the picture with the squares is really interesting. The contrasts play beautifully off one another. Well done.


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