Two-4-Tuesday (Cup & Saucer ART, Benches, Paths)




Object, 1936 by Meret Oppenheim. A picture of this was in an old book I am reading (by Edmund Burke Feldman) and so I had to find out more about it. Here, I found this: “The story behind the creation of Object, an ordinary cup, spoon, and saucer wrapped evocatively in gazelle fur, has been told so many times its importance in modernist history transcends the fact it might be apocryphal (of dubious authenticity). The twenty-two year old Basel-born artist, Meret Oppenheim, had been in Paris for four years when, one day, she was at a café with Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar. Oppenheim was wearing a brass bracelet covered in fur when Picasso and Maar, who were admiring it, proclaimed, “Almost anything can be covered in fur!” As Oppenheim’s tea grew cold, she jokingly asked the waiter for “more fur.” Inspiration struck—Oppenheim is said to have gone straight from the café to a store where she purchased the cup, saucer, and spoon used in this piece. This amusing story belies the importance of Object and the critical acclaim and public fascination that has elevated it to point where it has become the definitive surrealist object…ultimately to Oppenheim’s dismay.”
Ceramic Sculpture #9 by Roy Lichtenstein. This was also in the book – and in 1965, Lichtenstein worked with Hui Ka Kwong to create a series of ceramic heads and another series of stacked cups and saucers based on diner cutlery and glassware (more here). Feldman noted that these artists had “Surrealist impact on the deliberate violation of the craftman’s aesthetic.”

BENCHES WITH A VIEW (for Pull up a Seat)

It was dusk and the lights were just coming on


Linked to which way….

So – really – how are you today?

April is half over –  how’s it going?


This last image made me smile

Saw these two “Dummies” books side by side – had to smile – someone has their priorities straight – puppies and mutual funds – lol

P R I O R H O U S E   B L O G








39 thoughts on “Two-4-Tuesday (Cup & Saucer ART, Benches, Paths)

    1. Hi Derrick – it was actually not too cold at all – there was rain coming tho – so maybe that was why you felt a chill – we had light jacket son and I took mine off it was so warm as we walked

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  1. (EN) I don’t know that book but what you share is right, in my humble opinion. Art is a wide world of human thoughts, dreams and anything touches our soul or mind.Nice post Y😊
    (IT) Non conosco quel libro ma quello che hai condiviso è giusto, secondo il mio umile pare. L’arte è un vasto mondo di pensieri umani, sogni e qualsiasi cosa tocchi la nostra anima o mente. Bel post Y😊

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  2. I have a book of “Erotic Art”. Not porn and all the artists are famous. That fur lined cup is in the book. I always thought that the cup must be erotic to people with dirty minds 😉

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    1. Hi – I am not surprised you have a photo and I wish i was as close to NYC as you are – and I look forward to seeing your pic when you find it


  3. That fur-covered cup was interesting- your mouth could stay warm while sipping tea. 🙂 I like finding messages on pathways while out walking. Once the kids get their pastel sidewalk chalk in their Easter baskets, I’ll be seeing some fun and colorful messages. I like featuring those drawings – they are fun.

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    1. Thanks Lisa – those are NOT my books – not at all – lol but we saw them at a used book store and had to laugh.
      And thanks for dropping by – glad you liked the art

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  4. Yvette, your first photo captivated me … was that really fur? Why!? Interesting to read the story about it, it unintended fame and Oppenheim’s dismay!

    I love the path walks and what a welcoming message in chalk! Wouldn’t mind meandering along there, drifting in thoughts, making conversation with a friend. My Spring has been wondrous, most of it spend on a break in Sweden where the sun has shone non-stop for two weeks. Wish I’d packed some shorts.

    Wishingyou a wonderful rest of April. 😀🌺

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